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Cambodian Children Games

No description

Zishan Sajid

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Cambodian Children Games

The objective of the game is to collect as many sticks as you can

How To Play
- Player gets a group of sticks and places it beside them
- Player throws up ball and gathers sticks with their other hand
- To win, player must get the most number of sticks in the group
Chab Kon Kleng
In this game the objective is to protect the "chicks" from the hungry "crow"

How To Play
- Players are picked to be the "hen", "crow" and the "chicks"
- The "chicks" hide behind the hen as the crow tries to grab them.
- The game is won if the crow either captures all the chicks or if it quits
Bei Daok Muoy
The objective of this game is to reach the other groups and not be caught by the " chaser".

How to play
-Players are picked into separate teams and stand on opposite sides of a circle
- A chaser is picked and has to catch the players before they can make it pass the circle.
- To win all players must cross the circle once, if they are caught they must go again.
Chhma Denh
In this children game their is a simple objective, catch the "rat".

How to play,
- People form a cricle and the rat goes in the middle of it.
- The cat tries to get in the circle and the people try to keep the cat out.
- When caught, the rat becomes the new cat and the game continues
Chak Cheung Muay
The objective in this game is to catch the runners by hopping on one leg.

How to Play
- Players split into two groups and become runners and hoppers
- Hoppers alternate between one another until they catch every runner
- To win, all the runners need to be caught by hoppers without them touching the ground.
Cambodian Children Games
By: Zishan Sajid

Five Games Played in Cambodia
1). Tres
2). Chab Kon Kleng
3). Bei Daok Muoy
4). Chak Cheung Muoy
5). Chhma Denh
Let's Play Chhma Denh
Everyone in the class will now play the cambodian children game, Chhma Denh. To win this, the "cat" has to catch the "rat" by getting through the group of people.
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