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All about PUPIES!! The big, the smal, the cute, the cuddly!

Tiffany Bortei-Doku

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Puppies!!!

Introduction There are millions and billions of breeds of dogs and about 160 breeds in the U.S alone! There all sorts of types: Top Ten Dog Breeds 10. Rottweiler ~ Shaggy ~ Scary ~ Fashion And just plain ADORABLE!! 1. Labrador Retrievers 2. German Shepherd 3. Beagle 4. Golden Retriever 5. Yorkshire Terrier 6. Bulldog 7. Boxer 8. Poodle 9. Dachshund My Top Ten Fave! 10. Black Labrador 1. Yorkshire Terrier 2. Pomeranian 3.Beagle 4.American Eskimo Dog 5. Red or Siberian Husky 6. Rottweiler Mix (My Doggy!) 7. Puggle 8. Papillon 9. Chihuahua Cyprus Cyprus first came into my uncle's home when he was 3 months old. I don't have any pets at my home but I call Cyprus my one. He is the most lovable and obedient dog anyone could ever ask for. He is currently 4 years old and is one of the biggest dogs that ever lived. Cyprus is a Rottweiler Mix- half Rottweiler half... He chews on/ eats anything he can lay his eyes on. But he also knows what to chew on -- his dog food -- and what not to -- the couch. He is currently about 4ft on his all fours. When people say dogs are "Man's best friend" they really mean it. Cyprus is the greatest friend anyone could ever have. He is always there for me in times of trouble. I wish everyone in the world was like Cyprus (in a human way!)
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