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prezume - Judit Csikós

No description

Judit Csikós

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of prezume - Judit Csikós

that you learn something new every step of the way Hello Prezi people, Step 1: College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory (TEK) Step 2: Education for Democracy I'm Judit Csikós, I received your job posting from Vera Gergely and Zoli Sidó, two of my friends workig at Prezi.
I believe I have the experience and skills to be a great Office Administrator at Prezi and would be a great next step on my way of learning and growing.
Let me highlight some of the steps that have led me to think that. As a runner I believe The fulfillment of Working for a community Enjoying the flow of the creative process when working on bettering the organization and its activities Discovering my gift and ongoing love of micro-management An ambitious project Working in an international team of six We managed to secure three scholarships for students from the Balkans and Caucasus in Western European universities - all this from scratch! Step 3: Politics Can be Different Party Responsibility in finances and HR decisions A whole lot of experience in organization Gaining confidence and learning assertiveness in handling problems Taking a pro-active approach and searching for out of the box solutions Step 4: Ecopolitical Summer Academy Next step: Prezi? Promoting ecopolitical values - sustainability in all respects: environmental, social, financial, everyday life Gaining experience in how to closely and efficiently cooperate in a project team Step 5: Running Running teaches me something new every time ever since I started it in August 2011. Most important lesson?

Hard work pays off. Period. Learn more on how a rapidly growing IT company works... Further refine my organization skills Work in a cool office environment and in a great community ... and be a part of it I would gladly answer your further questions in person.

E-mail: judit.csikos@gmail.com
Tel: +36 20 374 3032 Working independently and taking initiative in my own field of responsibility (finances)
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