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What a Star--What a Jerk

No description

Riti Patel

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of What a Star--What a Jerk

What a What a Jerk Written by Sarah Cliffe Clearly define specific instances of harsh behavior
Outline Andy’s behavior and actions
Set a meeting with Andy
Discuss and share instances of poor behavior
How to help Andy improve
Ask Andy for his perspective
Explain from the group’s perspective
Create an action plan for change
tangible goals
how will it be evaluated?
Accept that this may not work
Don’t be afraid! Our Recommendation Emotional Intelligence
Self Regulation
Self-Awareness What Makes a Leader? By Daniel Goleman Becoming the Boss by Linda A. Hill Teach others how to be assertive and how to manage conflict
power in numbers, be weary of bullying
Values and mission of TechniCo, if any
policy on employee behavior/attitude?
need for respect in the workplace
Jane needs to be firm, and maybe a little harsh
no more Rick, more constructive coach/consultant or mentor
Ultimatum: Fire! More suggestions Take the issue up with upper management
Focus on herself and the other’s on the team
attitudes and clearly define roles
strengths and weaknesses
carve out a place for Andy
Mentoring, positive reinforcement Actions Jane can take to address the issue Lacking Values
Courage Values
Honesty What Are Jane’s Values? 1. discussion at a meeting when he speaks is stifled
2. peers would prefer to avoid him at all costs
3. constantly criticizes or dismisses the work of others Andy’s Attitude Problem *defined* Jane is a new manager at TechniCo
Adjusting to her new role and understanding her new group
Caroline: recent divorce, work-family issues
Tom: joker, natural sales guy
Jack: intellectual, shy guy, still figuring him out
AA’s: make common mistakes
Problem, Andy, top-performer, but a jerk
Jane is emailing her ex-colleague Rick 411 Questions? What were Goldstone’s values?
How did he handle his problem people?
What can Jane learn? When a New Manager Stumbles, Who’s at Fault? By Gordon Adler
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