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DBQ Tips and Tricks!!!

No description

Nicole Grace

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of DBQ Tips and Tricks!!!

DBQ Tips and Tricks!!!
Don't forget to write your thesis before you get started. Why would you start your essay before you know what it is that you're trying to say?
Explain the following scene from two
differing points of view: Anna & Elsa
What is Olaf's opinion? Why do you think he
has this opinion? (What is his POV?)
Imagine how much embarrassment this poor girl could have saved herself if she just would have stopped and thought for two seconds before she spoke.
How would Elsa explain this scene? Why do you think she has this point of view?
How would Anna explain this scene? Why would her explanation differ from Elsa's?
Background: This is the 2003 DBQ on Indentured Servitude. The actual question is: “Analyze the main features, including causes and consequences, of the system of indentured servitude that developed as part of global economic changes in the 19th and into the 20th centuries.”

This is the 2nd body paragraph.
Sample DBQ Paragraph
There were some beneficial aspect to servitude, such as more efficient production. Since production needed to be increased, servitude offered a quality solution. It allowed for more work to get done & “better development of native industry.” (#2) This also offered a solution to the need to help colonies take off with production. Britain exported 455,000 laborers to Mauritius between 1834-1922. (#4) This allowed for a greatly increased production in that colony, which helped Britain dominate the global economy. Servants were also cheap to pay & could be used “to manufacture the produce on any plantation,” making “1 shilling” a day. (#7) It also allowed for a large amount of workers to be exported for a large amount of workers be exported as shown by 71% of Mauritius’ population being paid servants. (#9)
--6 sentences
--130 words
Credit/Points toward Rubric:
--1 Group Addressed
--Understands basic meaning
of, and
--Used Evidence from Docs
#2, 4, 7, 9
If one diagrammed each sentence in this paragraph, “the document” would be the subject/topic of ZERO sentences. This kid “gets it.” The subject of each sentence is a CONSEQUENCE OF INDENTURED SERVITUDE, which is exactly what the question asks! Happy Day!!!
There is one quote that's a tad too long (7 words) but everything else is a short quote or a statistic that is clearly recognizable as a piece of Evidence. NONE of the sentences begin "Doc # says ..." or "In doc # the author tells ..." There's no POV, true, but this student already took care of that in their 1st body paragraph.
YOU are the reader!!!!
You will now be given three sample essays. Using the rubric that you have already been given in class, grade each essay with your group. Look for thesis, groupings, POV, additional doc, etc. (mark/highlight them on the essay) so that we can discuss the grades you've given each essay. If there is a certain skill that you are having trouble with, try to find examples of them in the essays and discuss them with your groups.
Hint - One essay is higher range, one is middle range, and one is lower range!!!
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