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Inca Empire

No description

Matthew Brazell

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Inca Empire

Inca Empire
Chapter 15.3 Notes
Large Empire in S. America that began in the 1100s, in modern-day Cuzco, Peru.
Beginning in the Andes Mountains.
The Empire rose to real power in the 1400s
By this time, they spread throughout most of S. America.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How will living in the Mountains effect the style of life? How must they adapt?
Await further instruction.
Thank you!
Lifestyle and Food
A mostly mountainous people.
This made farming very difficult
Even finding water
Terrace Farming was their solution
Also, building complex canal system, like the Aqueduct
What they used for fertilizer may be considered odd...
Coastal people used bird droppings or
; People in the mountains used dead animals.
Corn, squash, bean, and potatoes were the main crops grown.
Why is Terrace Farming so important to producing crops?
Government Structure
The emperor was known as Inca and he was considered a demi-God.
If your parents were Incan, and your people weren't conquered then you could hold a Gov't job.
Each region had appointed Governors, then more leaders down to the smallest level.
Was this the most effective way of governing an empire of this size?
Highways and Road systems
These were made by peasants who were forced to work for the government, a labor tax.
Two main road systems connecting North and South
Runners were used to carry messages
Military action was made easier by these roads
Llamas were used by traders.
Easy access and they could carry large weights
Created suspension bridges to connect towns separated by gorges.
Could this large of an Empire lasted without these innovations?
The Incan Empire
Pachacuti, who ruled from 1438 to 1471 CE, expanded the Empire greatly.
After conquering, soldiers stayed to collect tax
If the government didn't want a fight
They'd pay taxes
The children would be brought to Cuzco
To learn about the Incan Government and learn
Why would the Incan Government bring back the children of the conquered rulers?
Was known as the "Land of Four Quarters"
Spread 2,500 miles north to south and 500 miles wide
From 3.5 to 16 mil people
Different languages and cultures throughout the Empire
No known written language
Used knotted ropes of different colors to record information
We don't know much about this
Conquered by Pizarro in 1532 CE
Was it important that they had no written language that we know of?
Machu Picchu
"City in the Clouds" or "Lost City of the Inca"
White granite walls, surrounded by Incan sacred mountains
The city declined due to small pox and a war
Much of the Inca traditions are still used in modern areas where the Inca once ruled
Why is this significant?
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