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The Trail of Tears

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on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of The Trail of Tears

14.7~ The Trail of Tears
The Cause
Even with the many treaties made between the Native Americans and the US, greedy planters continued to push the Native Americans out of their homelands, with their beliefs of Manifest Destiny. During Andrew Jackson's presidency, he had no sympathy for Indians, so he did not take action to stop this and even proceeded with the Indian Removal Act.
In the East and West of Mississippi River.
The Trail of Tears ruined many Native Americans lives. It did not solve the Indian problem. In fact, it worsened the situation. Many Americans settlers were ashamed of the country's treatment of the Indians.



President Andrew Jackson
Greedy Farmers
Native Americans: the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole.
Osceola- the leader of Seminole
President Martin Van Buren
The Indian Removal Act allowed the president to make treaties with Native Americans in the east, so they could trade land in the west. Congress ruled that the Indians had the right to their lands and would not be forced to move. Andrew Jackson disliked the Congress's actions and had the Indians that refused to move west, be involuntarily moved by military force.
The Trail of Tears was a march to remove the Native Americans and many passed away because they had harsh conditions.
Political Cartoon
1) The 1830's
2) The Indian Removal Act- 1830 and 1831
3) The Trail of Tears-1836
Some Americans believed that they were better than the Native Americans and didn't really care or sympathize with the Native Americans. A number of Americans, such as Andrew Jackson, wanted to expand the U.S's territory further.
Thank You
The Indian Removal Act was carried out by force. Like in the Sac and Fox tribe that fought removal for two years, until the end of the war in 1832 between the Sac and Fox and the military force to remove them. Where Black Hawk, the chief, was captured in chains.
The Trail of Tears was where federal troops dragged17,000 Cherokees out of their homes and gathered west.
The joke is that the Americans were in reality the illegal immigrants, and we were here illegally since we essentially took the Native Americans' lands.
{The picture is not our actual work}
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