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Copy of Explain Any Topic

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nicole policastro

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Explain Any Topic

Social media portrays how the ideal body is suppose to look like. For females the goal appearance is small waist, make up and big ass or boobs .Women feel more sexually desired by changing themselves to media standards.
14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures happen a year in 2012
females start wearing makeup on average at age 12.
7 million women in the us have eating disorders due to media influence on an ideal look
91 percent of plastic surgery patients are women and 9% are men but sense year 2000 the number of male patient went up to 45 %
Social Media Effects on Society
By: Nicole, Joseph, Shanel, Destiny
Social media has played a big role this past election, more so than any other election before. Obviously because all social media has become big just recently, if you think about it. News outlets, news reporters, and many other major political figures have gone on twitter to tweet their opinion. They express their political views and people who see the tweets can comment their opinion on it.

Social media may often have a bad reputation for how it negatively affects relationships. A general red flag on social media is when someone comes across an inappropriate post on their significant other's social media accounts. If that significant other is liking pictures of another person that may make one feel uncomfortable, then it is time to speak up and tell them about it. If there are flirty comments on that person's page, some people can take this the wrong way. When the person you're dating is very private about your relationship, but not with his friends and other people, this can also be a red flag. For example, if they do not change their relationship status to "In a relationship". If one does not speak up, this will bother the other person and cause problems within the relationship. In other instances, it may actually have the ability to enhance relationships. Social media gives us the leisure to connect with people all over the world and maintain our interpersonal relationships. We no longer rely on blind dates, or being introduced by our friends when seeking a love interest. Online dating sites can match you to someone of your interest, and lead you to some potential dates.
social media is a very effective way to communicate. People feel more comfortable speaking behind a screen then in person. Ever notice at a party or even out to a restaurant most people are on their phones on social media.
According to the Pew Research Center, 20% of social media users say they have changed their stance on a political issue because of what they’ve seen on social media. Regarding the candidates in this past election and other social issues, 17% of people have changed their views. Based on just the candidates, the Pew Research Center states that 21% of people have shifted their views about Hillary Clinton because of social media, compared to 18% for Donald Trump. Only 8% of people said social media changed their view about Bernie Sanders. Back in 2012, the Pew Research Center found that 16% of social media users had changed their political views because of social media. In the end, according to research, whatever the candidates or other major political figures tweet or post on social media, can affect the views of many people who are reading them.
Social media creates its own terminology which effect our language.For example social media users know what the term "l.o.l" means, Or "w.y.d". We connect these few letters with complete sentences. One day I caught myself writing a essay and I was typing my essay as if I was texting one of my friends using slang and words like "wanna" for want or instead of spelling out the word "you" I just wrote the letter "U". Sometimes it happens due to constant use of social media it becomes a automatic way of writing.
Using social media to communicate eventually evolved over time posting something only involved a stamp now posting something is a click of a button.

1 Out of 8 married couples meet on social media
pornography is the number 1 activity on the internet
If Facebook was a country it would be the third largest
Kylie Jenner changed her hair and had multiple surgeries to fit the ideal look. She has 80.1 followers on Instagram
Every day people that don't have Kylie Jenner money will risk anything for there ideal body. But there are side effects to cheap implants for example this person butt implants can flip.
Also you can risk possible infection or even death due to silicone poison.

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300,000 join twitter in one day
55 million tweets are written a day
35 million people update Facebook status
The average person spends an hour a day on Facebook
Facebook has 200 million users to join
2 billion videos are watched on YouTube
34,560 hours of video are posted
Social media is a place where announcements are made and information is posted, especially when one is in a relationship. When one is happy with life, he/she naturally are more active on their social media accounts and post more about positivity. This is not always the case for every person because some of the happiest relationships do not post at all, and some do not have social media at all.
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