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New Student Worker Training

Training Program for new student workers at Pepperdine.

Student Employment

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of New Student Worker Training

Student Employment
Resume & Cover Letter
Having a strong resume and cover letter is ESSENTIAL to getting a job and representing yourself well to employers.

Your student employment job is a GREAT resume builder!

TIPS and SAMPLE resume & cover letters can be found at the Career Center website.

Encouraging YOU to GROW
Career Ambassadors
Here to help you PERFECT your resume and cover letter!

Online Submission: careerambassador@pepperdine.edu.

Walk-in Hours: Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm
Types of Jobs
Tips for Success
Be timely!
Be a GOOD listener
Be a PROBLEM SOLVER, not a problem-maker
Be confidential (with materials, work, and office conversation)
Have a POSITIVE attitude
Dress appropriately...depends on position & department, ask your supervior!
Acknowledge mistakes. We ALL make them!
Be open to feedback and constructive criticism
Guidelines: Work Hours
NETWORKING opportunities
Personal GROWTH & development

So much room to grow!
Federal Work Study (FWS)
Pepperdine Work Program (PWP)
Community Service
Confidentiality Agreement
Mandated Reporter Acknowledgment Form
W-4 Form (for tax purposes)
I-9 Form (verifies employment eligibility)
Pay Scale
Payroll Info
We are ALWAYS here for you!
JoEllen Sturgeon, Manager
Kate Suriyatip, Student Services & Administrative Coordinator
You CANNOT BEGIN WORKING until you have completed ALL of these documents!!!
Anyone NOT completed these?
Any Questions about these documents?
Based upon two things:
Level of responsibility
Students' experience in position
* Pay Increase depends upon criteria of deparment
Level 1: $9.00 - $10.00
Level 2: $9.25 - $10.50
Level 3: $9.50 - $11.00
Level 4: $9.50 - $15.00
Our Recommendation:
Working 8-10 hours per week
Our Policy:
No more than 20 hours per week & No more than 8 hours per day
* TOTAL for ALL on-campus jobs!!!
All hours worked OVER 8 hours in one day = pay 1.5x your regular hourly rate
* Must be pre-approved by supervisor!
Legally, You are...
...entitled to one 15 minute paid break for every 4 consecutive hours of work
...entitled to one 30 minute unpaid break for every 5 consecutive hours of work
...REQUIRED to take at least a 30 minute unpaid meal break when working 6+ consecutive hours
* You CANNOT work 6 HOURS without taking a break!
Paychecks are distrubuted BI-WEEKLY.
How to get your Money:
Direct Deposit
Apply to Student Account
Wages are SUBJECT to federal and state income taxes
* FICA tax EXEMPTION depends on enrollment status!
*NOTE: You may have multiple campus jobs, BUT you will have only 1 paycheck
#1 - Keep ACCURATE track of your time worked!
#2 - Record your hours PROMPTLY! * This is SUPER IMPORTANT!
Three Essentials to Know about USING Kronos:
How to Record your Time
How to Enter Transfer Codes (if you have multiple jobs)
How to Approve your Timecard
Apply these tips, they actually make a difference!
Just NOT working out...
What if I don't like the job?
Be HONEST with your supervisor
DON'T avoid talking to them
If the position doesn't fit your interests and strengths, let your supervisor know
Can I get fired?
Yes, but it RARELY happens
Student employees are employed on an at-will basis
Supervisors have the right & ability to release you from a specific assignment
* Remember!
You are BLESSED to have supervisors who acknowledge that academics are your priority, BUT don't take advantage of this
This is a REAL JOB, and you have a REAL COMMITMENT to your superviors * THEY COUNT ON YOU!
Supervisors can be your BEST references!
Molly Gonzales, Professional Development Coordinator
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