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No description

Chhay Heng

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of HAPPY NEW YEAR

Many people hold parties at home or go out to pubs or night clubs.
It's New Year!
Everyone cheer as they watch the fireworks
Welcome to our presentation
Everyone watch until the clock tower strike midnight
"Auld Lang Syne"
It means "Time goes by". a song about love and friendship
Before New Year
When's New Year?
New Year is on the 31st universally including in England
What do people do on New Year ?
In New Year, everyone gather to hear Big Ben accounce the start of new year and join hand singing to the song "Auld Lang syne"
Traditions after New Year
"First Footing"
The first visitor after midnight
A dark hair man bring good luck
But any other person will bring
bad luck
For More Information ...

Thank you sincerely
The visitor can bring gifts symbolizing something for the new year
Institute of Foreign Languages
Royal University of Phnom Penh
Chiv Chhayheng
Ton Sovanthany
Piseth Heng
Vong Sothero
Oum Sereyrortanak
Topic: Tradition before, during and after New Year in England
means everyone would always have enough to eat
everyone would have enough money
To make sure the house is always warm
People join hand to sing "Auld Lang Syne"
General Information
brings long life
People practices these traditions
2. Egg white
In the old days, girls would drop egg white into water
She believe that it would form the first letter of the man she is going to marry
3. Singing children
children raise early on the morning of New Year and goes to their neighbor to sing songs
They are given coins,
mince pies, apples, and other sweets
Tradition before new year
Spend time with friends and family
Preparing the party
Home decoration
Go to parties
Drink Alcohol
New Year's Eve
Well, let's take a look :)
Tradition during New Year
The City lights up
People join party or night club
They enjoy themselves through out the night
Looking through memorable moments of the old year
Mostly Everyone stay up until midnight to watch the countdown
Happy New Year !
Any Questions ?
Group 4 Members
Khmer Culture
History New Year
1 January ( 1st day in Western Culture )
25 March ( Lady Day)
He rule England on the 1st of January
20 April (Easter Day)
Change in Date
As Western culture spread people adopted
Pope Gregory xiii
changed Julian Calendar
He Made
1st January
New Year
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