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The bully. ; By Paul Langan

No description

Tulga zuunbayan

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The bully. ; By Paul Langan

By:Paul Langan
The Bully

Presented by :Tulga Zuunbayan
Where it takes place: San Diego, California... Darrell was born and raised in Philadelphia, Then he had to move to California with his mom because of money & better job's
Darrell Mercer - He is a 15 year old freshman that attends Bluford high school
Main Character's

Jackie Mercer -Darrell's mom.
Uncle Jack- Darrells uncle who takes them in and helps them get to California ,
Tyray Hobbs- The school bully , The guy that is bullying Darrel
Amberlynn Bailey- The girl that Darrel likes & Is very close friends with !
Favorite quote
My favorite quote in the story is When Darrell's wrestling coach would tell him if you're not going to try you're best then forget the rest .... I love that quote because It just pushes you too try and give it all and you wont feel like you could of did anymore ,
The plot of the story is that there this 15 year old boy , Darrell , Who has to move cities . & Is a situation where he has to stand up for himself , or get bullied for the next 4 years .
The end !!
Go and read the book :) It's GOOD ! !
-Born in 1972, Philadelphia
-When to Camden County College and La Salle University

My favorite part !
Darrell finally
stood up Tyray
and he won his first
wrestling match
-Its very easy to read
-packed with action!

The connection between Persepolis and the bully
is that they both go through a tough time and they both overcome it
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