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What are our perceptions of the typical Australian and how TYPICAL am I ? Olivia Kinman

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Elizabeth Harris

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of What are our perceptions of the typical Australian and how TYPICAL am I ? Olivia Kinman

What are our perceptions of the typical Australian and how TYPICAL am I?
My perceptions
*occupation: office worker
*average age:34
*average gender: male
*women are employed before men
*women work more hours than men
*mortgage: $2000 a month
*1 story house
*2 computers
*2 pets
*go to primary school
*go over sea's every 4-5 years
*3 bedrooms in a house
*live in NSW
*2 cars
*4 in a family
*live in a house
Census data
*occupation: sales assistant
*men employed before women (67%)
*average gender: female
*average age: 37
*mortgage $1800 a month
*2 story house
*4 in a family
*2 cars in a family
*live in NSW
*live in a house for 5 years on average
*background: English
*3 bedrooms in a house

*5 in my family
*own 3 cars
*background: Scottish
*parents occupation: nurse and horticulturalist
*live in QLD
*lived in house for 8+ years
*average age (my age: 11)
*average gender: female

From the data collected describe the characteristics of an average Australian

An average Australian is a female that lives on the NSW coastline with a 2 story house. She is married and has 2 children a girl and a boy. Her occupation is a sales assistant and she works 32 hours a week and drives a car to work. She earns on an average $72 000 a year and the mortgage of her house is $1800 a month. She is also Cristian and has finished school. In her family she has 2 pets and her children both go to private schools. She drives her children to school and picks them up after school. Their family goes on holidays about every 3-4 years and usually goes to places like NZ, USA, Asia, UK and continental Europe. She is 37 years old and she and her husband own a car each. She was born in Australia but both her parents came here from England.

How are you an average Australian? Discuss your similarities and differences from the data you collected.

In some ways I am not an average Australian but in some ways I am. I have many different things in my family. I have 5 people in my family a set of twins (one boy one girl), me, my mum and my dad. My family also has 3 cars we live in QLD and have lived in our house for more then eight years. My mum is a nurse and my dad is a horticulturalist.The things that I have in my family that are the same as the census data are my dad works more than my mum, our family lives in a house, my parents are both married, we own 2+ pets, have more than 2 computers, have access to wifi and have a two story house.

How has your perception changed of an average Australian?

My perception has definitely changed after this task as I know many things about census data that I didn't know before and a few of my perceptions were incorrect. I always thought there were more men in Australia than women or the average Australian occupation was an office worker.
*live in a house
*have pets
*own 2+ computers
*own pool
*do more than 2 sports
*go to a catholic school
*kids have a room to themselves
*parents are married

Me/Census Data
*men work more hours than women
*2 story house
*dad employed before mum
*live in a house
*own pets (63%)
*have Wi-Fi
*parents drive to work
*get to school by car
*are christians
*parents married
My perceptions census data
*4 in a family
*live in NSW
*3 bedrooms in a house
*live in a house for 5+ years
*2 cars
*live in a house
*own 1 or more computers
My perceptions/Me/Census Data
*live in a house (74%)
*parents married (48%)
*both parents employed
*own pets (63%)
*are christians
*parents drive to work
*have Wi-Fi
*get to school by car

By Olivia Kinman

What is a typical Australian
To me a typical Australian lives in a family of four with 2 kids (one boy one girl) and two adults. They own 2 cars and live in a house on the coastline of NSW. The parents of the children are married and have a two story house. Also I think the average Australian is 34 and their occupation would be an office worker. An average Australian would also go on a small holiday like to the beach every 1-2 terms and go on an overseas holiday every 3-4 years. Their family would have 2+ computers and have access to wifi. Her ancestry would be English but she would be born in Australia.
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