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Copy of Smart Communication System

PMN & Jamming & Optimization

Abdelrahman Heikal

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Smart Communication System

present by
ENG / Abd El-Rahman Heikal Smart communication System Smart communication System Social impact Environmental Impact IT Private Mobile Network ((PMN)) using WiFi &GSM
Economic impact Provide the cost of copper wire
Provide the cost of fixed devices
Using personal devices BENEFITS IN REAL LIFE PMN allows expensive resources to be shared between different locations
More cost effective than other traditional deployment options
Our Jammer is not harmful
Our spectral analyzer make optimization more easier Societal problem Internal network ((PBX ))
fixed -limited -cost
Mobile cause inconvenience for some people
Mosques - universities - conference rooms - Libraries
Make Analysis for network Organizations
Military purposes
Drilling rigs
Offshore vessels Our Jammer is not harmful
Spectrum analyzer increase the quality of service and reliability
Provide the cost of copper wire Using Linux OS
Android Applications
Using easy GUI for control
Using Technique WiFi and GSM
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