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review of chapter 8

Brannon Renken

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Hebrews

Chapter 8 Vocab Judism - the hebrews' religion Exodus -when moses led his people out of egypt in a journey Ten commandment a code of moral laws Section 1 Diaspora - the scattering of the jews outside of Israel and Judah The beging in Canaan and Egypt A hebrew man named Abraham. God told him to leave his home and promised him he would lead him to a new land called Canaan. The hebrews had lived in Canaan for many years. The hebrews lived in Egypt. The pharoh feared that the hebrews would become to powerful so he made them slaves. Exodus The Exodus Moses wanted the Jews to be free becauce god told him to. The pharoh refused. After a series of plagues that frighted him and he set them free. This is remebered a major event in hebrew history. After wandering though the desert they reached
Mt. Sinai. On the top of that mountain god gave Moses the ten commandments. Return to Canaan After wandering in the desert for 40 years before they reached Canaan. They had to fight to regain Canaan. The hebrews became known as the Israelites. The Kings unite Israelites The Philistins started to attack. All of the Israelites got together and chose a king named Saul. King David When Sual died an outlaw became king. David was known for defeating Gliath a Philistine Giant. That brought him to attention. He was liked by the Israelites. David had a son solomon. He expanded the kingdom
including Egypt and Phoenicia. King Solomon Invaders Conquer and Rule After Solomon's death revolts broke out over who would be king. Israel split into two Israel who became Israelites and Judah who became Jews. They were both conquered. Israel fell to the Assyrians and Judah fell to Chaldeans. The scattering of Jews. The Jews were taken to Babylon to be salves. They were given permission to go back to Jerusalem. Still many did not go back. But after a while they advetually did. Independence and Conquest Tired of foreign rule they started to revolt and again they had their own kingdom. They were conquered again by the Romans. The Romans were brutal masters. Some tired to make them worship the Roman Emperor. Then they started to rebel againist the Romans. Women in Hebrews Society Hebrew goverment was dominated by men. Women had few rights. Some women made great contributions. Ruth was a person who was used as an example of good behavior and how people should treat their familys. Section 2
Vocab Monotheism - the belief in only one God Jewish Beliefs Anchor Their Society Torah - the most sacred text of Judism Pophets - are people who are said to receive message from God to be taught to others. Talmud - a set of commentaries, stories, and folktale Jewish Beliefs Anchor Their Society Religion is the foundation upon which the Jews base their whole society. In fact, much of jewish culture is based directly on Jewish beliefs. The central beliefs of Judaism are beliefs in God, education, justice, and obedience. Dead Sea Scrolls - writings by Jews who lived 2,ooo years ago. Belief in one God Belif in education Jews believe in one God. Means YHWH but it is to holy to say. People believe that Judaism was the first monotheism religion. In acient times religions had many Gods. Another central eleament of Judaism is education and study.Theaching children the basics of Judaism has always been important in Jewish society. In ancent Jewish communities, older boys-but not girls- studied with professional teachers to learn their religion. Belief in Obedience and Law They are closely related to the ideas of justice and righteousness is obedience to the law. The most important Jewish laws are the ten commandments. Jews believe that moses recored a system of laws. These laws deal with everyday life. Like how to pray and no working on the Sabbath day. Belief in justice and righteousness Jews religion is ideas and righteousness. Thay mean kindness and fairness. They give aid who needs it poor or young. They do only proper. Texts List Jewish Beliefs. The beliefs of Jews are in many sacred texts. Among the main are the Torah and Hebrew Bible. The Torah Jews recorded most of thier laws in five books called the Torahs. It also had the history of Jews. Synagogue - a Jewish house of worship The Hebrew Bible The Torah is the first three parts of the hebrew bible. Second part has stories and proverbs. The last part includes psalms. Commentaries Commentaries explain Jewish laws. Scrolls Reveal Past Beliefs. Dead Scrolls explain Jewish laws. They were not discovered until 1947. Most of them were prayers. Judaism And Later Cultures. A lot of things are affected by Judahism. like we get weekends off because of the Sabbath. Many religions use the ten commandments. There are Jews all around the world. Section 3
Vocab Zealots - the most rebellious of Jews Rabbis - religious teachers Passover - is a time for Jews to rember Exodus. High Holy Days - two most sacred of all Jews days. Revolt,Defeat, and Migration Revolt Against Rome. the teachings of judaism Zealots didn't Revolt Against Rome Revolt, Defeat, and Migration The theaching of Judism helped unite the ancient jews.
threat to Jewish society was foreign rule. Jew thought that they chould re-create the kingdom of Irael. Zealots didn't think that they shouldn't answer to anyone but God. They did not answer to Roman officals. In the end it was not successful. The war had killed many people. Most jews surendered. 1,000 Jews locked them selves in a mountian fortress. The Romans got to them. Then the 1,000 Jews took there own lives. Results of the Revolt The Jewish revolt was over. The Romans killed Most of Jerusalem's population. Jews were taken as slaves. Romans destroyed Jerusalem. A Second Revolt Some Jews chose not to leave Jerusalem. Jews started a new revolt and again the Romans defeated the Jews. Mirgration And Discrimination For Jews local synagogues became more important. Rabbises also became more important. Torahs helped shaped Judism for the next centuries. Jews started to move all over the world. Two Cultural Traditions Jews everywhere shaped basic ideas of Judism. All Jews believe in God and obeyed his laws. Jews in Eastern Europe The Jews In Eastern Europe Having Jews lived in other parts in Europe changed their costums. They devoloped a new language called Yiddish. Jews in Spain and Portugal They have a language of their own called Ladino. Jewish poets wrote beautiful works. Made great advances. Traditions and Holy Days Jews believe that the more that they know about the past will help them to follow Jewish teachings. Hanukkah It celebrates the rededication of the second revolt. They celebrate this by lighting candles in a special holder. Passover Is rembered for a journey that the Jews took. They said that they left so fast that the bread didn't have time to let their bread rise. They have a meal called sedar. High Holy Days It is when the new Jewish year begins. On the second day Jews don't eat or drink because it is cosidered holy. The End
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