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A Matter Of Trust (Book Report)

A Matter Of Trust by: Anne Schraff I read this book A week ago and now I'm doing a book report on it. It was a very good book and I read It in a week. This book is apart of the Bluford Series.

Veronica Robinson

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of A Matter Of Trust (Book Report)

A Matter Of Trust
A book report by:
Veronica Robinson

I personally loved the book. every page, every word made me want to read more and more. I was so eager, that I finished this book in a week. It was very interesting and I can't wait to read another one in the series.This was a great book and I highly reccomend it!
To Mrs. Fencl my gifted teacher. Quarter 1 book report due October, 11 finished September 3rd. Book title: A Matter of Trust by: Anne Schraff
Solution: She talks to her former best friend and works things out between them.
Problem: Darcy Wilis and her former best friend are bitter rivals and she is after Darcy's boyfriend.

Darcy goes to Bluford High School.
There, she dates Hakeem and makes
two new friends and breaks friend-
ship with Brisana.
Tarah Cooper invites Darcy and Hakeem to her birthday barbeque.
Roylin shows up and teases Hakeem. Hakeem then
punches Roylin.Roylin runs away from Hakeem
into the street and a Honda pulls up.Every one
ducks as the Honda starts shooting.
Hakeem and Darcy sees that Roylin
got shot then he was rushed to the
hospital.Darcy and Hakeem goes to the hospital to help out relatives of Roylin even though roylin talks about them.
They find out that Roylin is okay and the people who shot him are going to jail which was Londell.
One day Hakeem wanted to go to the beach and
watch the sunset with Darcy but she had to go home and watch her grandmother. Then Brisana
spread rumors that she went to the beach
with him instead of Darcy which made Darcy mad.
Meanwhile, Darcy's father comes back (he left them)
and tries to rejoin the family.
Darcy starts being nice to Brisana and
rebuild the friendship. They apologized and returned back friends along with Tarah and Cooper.
Dad returns to family.
Roylin gets out of the hospital.
Main characters
Darcy Wilis
Darcy is the main character. her boyfriend is hakeem Randall. The book is called "A Matter Of Trust because she don't know if she can trust her friends (they betrayed her).
Roylin Bailey
Roylin Bailey is one of many classmates that tease Hakeem of his stuttering. He's constantly trying to find ways to tease, talk about' and laugh at Hakeem. Later in the book he gets shot.
Other Characters
Other Characters Include:
Tarah & Cooper- Darcy's friends
Jamie- Darcy's sister
Darcy's mother
Darcy's dad- he left them
Londell James- lives on 23rd
street and shot Roylin.
Every bodys friends again and can be
I chose this book because
its cover was catchy and
the description on the back
made me want to read it.
Also because it was in the
Bluford Series.

Hakeem Randall
Hakeem Randall is Darcy's boyfriend
and he has a stuttering problem when he gets nervous.. When he
stutters his frineds sink down in
their seats of embarrisment. He
takes speech therapy but it
barely works.
Brisana was Darcy's former best friend until Darcy made two new friends; Tarah and Cooper. Brisana told Darcy that Tarah and Cooper were ones and her and Darcy were tens (popularity).To get revenge, Brisana is after Darcy's boyfriend (Hakeem)
Brisana Meeks
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