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Personal Branding for the New LIS Professional

No description

John Mack Freeman

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Personal Branding for the New LIS Professional

Personal Branding for the New LIS Professional
How fancy do you want to be?
What is personal branding?
Via Wikipedia:

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

A personal brand isn't a resume font choice or choosing a headshot, it's consciously deciding how you are going to present yourself to your professional world and the methods through which you are going to do that.
Why should I care about my personal brand?
Everybody has a personal brand. Whether they manage it or not is up to them.

Thinking about personal branding allows you to more accurately describe yourself and your goals to the world.
Discover your brand: Non-LIS Skills/Goals
Nobody starts as a "rockstar" librarian.

Everyone has skills that can be brought in used.

Your most useful skill will be your non-library skill.

Be pleasantly lop-sided.

Your whole life plays into your story. How has it affected where you are and where you're going?

List passions, values, and traits
LIS Specialty
What do you care most about?

Where can you add your voice?

Where do you want to make an impact?

What is not being done in the profession that you think needs doing? How are you going to make sure it happens?

Can be unique from job role.
Feel free to contact me at:

John "Mack" Freeman
Job: Pays bills.
Career: Eventually pays
bigger bills.
Profession: Having a career in a particular field you give back to.
Industry Presence
Join professional associations.

Go to conferences as you can afford them.

Volunteer on committees.

Attend events.

Grow your circle and stay connected between events. Deepen connections beyond the moment
Online Presence - Social Media
Be a joiner: Facebook and LinkedIn
Secondary: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Participate in discussions

Be who you want to be but realize that it has consequences

Don't be a complainer
Online Presence - Website
Have a website, preferably with your own domain name.

What to include:
Links to papers/publications
Professional Interests
Volunteer Works
Professionally-oriented blog
Physical Presence
Have a business card professionally printed. Don't buy tons of them; your information will change.

Have a portfolio of work. Sample contents:
Cover letter
Copies of materials
Past papers
Copies of awards/commendations
What is a brand?
Write, Write, Write
Seek out publications. Look for opportunities with a low barrier to entry

Learn to write well and how to follow the rules

Online vs. In print

Find co-authors and personal editors
Brand Management
Once you know who you are (or who you want to be), you've got the basics of your brand down.

Now, the job is to make your inner brand with people's perceptions of you.

Consistent, Conscious, Creative, and Memorable
Physical Presence
Dress how you want to be perceived. This does not mean conservative business attire.

Develop a good handshake.

Develop a 15, 30, and 60 second elevator speech about who you are and what you do.
See what steps they took and emulate them.

Ask them for advice and use them as a sounding board. Formal v. informal

Good mentors:
Keep you focused
Bring you opportunities
Push you to achieve more
Provide perspective but not solutions
Do You, Boo
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