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Chapter 2

Cameron Harris

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Risk

Chapter 2: Risk The Positive Nature of Risk Christopher Mayer draws comparisons
between Shakespeare and A. E. Housman People take risks because it offers a greater reward than playing it safe Gamblers risk what they have to gain something more Negative Risks Positive Risks Paul Hernandez
expected more help from city officials in protecting

his home from the storm and flooding Kim Joyce stayed because of emotional attachments to her pets Patrick Zoda, former NY firefighter, decided to try ride out the storm. Ariella Cohen did not take preventative action because of prior experience Hurricane Sandy
November 14, 2012
Staten Island Community Sheila and Dominic
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Taylor Reusswig, Torsten,
Taylor Ho, Shaw,
Lin, Chiu,
Taylor Ho, Shaw,
Lin, Chiu,
Taylor National Geographic Lowenstein,
Taylor Mayer Mayer Mayer Miniño Wecell4you Men have lower risk perception than women. “I had friends who had stayed through Katrina, and I had heard all their stories about it, and so I think I also inherited all their jadedness, too,” says Cohen He had to wade through neck-deep water to escape his flooded home. Suppose two people in a dorm break a window with a fire extinguisher http://revoemagblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/train-breakdown2.jpg
4 people live on the floor
The repairs will cost 4 dollars
Either of the two people can turn in the other The possible outcomes are as follows Will you
weather the storm? Shakespeare took risks with his writing and was constantly trying new things. He is more widely known because of the risks he took. A.E. Housman stuck to his strengths and never risked failure, and as a result is known by very few. but ended up leaving them to escape her home after it flooded (Risking failure to achieve your ultimate goal) (Risking your life or physical well-being)
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