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No description

Roejandel Martin

on 28 September 2010

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Transcript of Touhou

100+ Bands dedicated to Remixes of the bgm. And all of this just because one "drunk, japanese pedophile" as we covetly like to call him wanted to make a game, so... Thank you ZUN, thank you. Thanks for taking it easy! Fan Games And other merchandise... A fan made anime THIS IS
TOUHOU Touhou Project is a series of games thought up by the brilliant man called ZUN in 1996 This man here. The whole world of Touhou was thought of and created by this one man. His basis of Touhou is simple. Seemingly harmless little girls of various origins and natures gather together due to some strange occurance and... Shoot each other with billions of bullets and lazers to solve their problems... What was the inspiration for his genius?

Closer inspection shows... He is an "alcholic" He has made several Touhou games, each with something different in them, whether scoring system all the way to a new genre. And all new games introduce at least one new character. PC98 Versions
Bullet Freezing Head To Head
Bullet Captures Fighters But that isn't half of the Touhou Universe The official games are just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously shown by his art how much he drinks. Fan Art Official and... Fan Made Manga But there is still so much more to it.
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