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No description

Laraib Rafaqat

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of MY COMMUNITY

Written Rational

For my grade 12 art exam, I had to commute the theme of my community; Malton. I thought of various different things that are seen and experienced every day here in Malton, but I couldn’t really get a view of something that was unique but also important at the same time. I thought about famous and inspiring people that are from Malton, and Chantelle Brown, also known as Winnie Harlow came to my mind instantly. Brown is a model with vitiligo. She is from Malton, and has also studied at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School. She is a very well known individual, and is an inspiration to thousands. Despite Brown’s rare skin condition, she has not lost her self confidence and is not afraid to show off her natural beauty.

The medium which I have chosen for this exam is acrylic paint on canvas. It will be adapted to meet my needs because I am going to be painting a portrait. At first, I thought of painting Brown’s exact picture, which was taken by someone. But in order to make it a little more personal, I decided to change the proportions and decided to paint only half of Brown’s face. This added an exclusive and more attractive affect to the overall artwork. This technical approach is suitable to the subject matter and meaning I intended to explore because I will easily be able to add exact details where I want and a ply wood will also be convenient, keeping in mind that we are doing a mural.


Paint: Rheotech Acrylic Size: 500ml
Price: $8.75
Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait, 1887
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