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Bridging the Chasm

No description

Elizabeth Montgomery

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Bridging the Chasm

Bridging the Chasm
Strategy to Optimize IOM Report Investment
Proposed March 2014

Early Adopters
The Chasm
Early Majority
Late Majority
50 - 75% of marketing campaigns will fail to meet objectives
Crossing the Quality Chasm
IOM Report on Diagnostic Error
Suggestions for
Bridging the Chasm
Optimizing the IOM Investment
March 2014
Significant cause of campaign failures:
not understanding how to create leverage points for movement from stage to stage.
Bridging the Adoption Chasm
A successful initiative will create a
bandwagon effect

to build momentum by which
the messaging becomes
the de facto standard.
"Frontline Diagnosis" - Steering Committee
Access to Patient Safety/Quality subcommittee
Five cases for CME consideration
Promotion of IOM-related events
Member Survey re: Diagnostic Error
Media Exposure - PR Highlight
Opinion-leader interviews
National Patient Survey
Five cases for CME consideration
Promotion of IOM-related events
Media Exposure - PR Highlight
Co-branded educational materials
Center of Diagnostic Excellence (CoDE)
Establish process for evaluating Diagnostic Error
starting with hospital admissions/re-admissions?
Established protocol for evaluating diagnostic error and root causes
co-creating SIDM tool-kit?
Quarterly DE M&Ms (including pre/post test data captured by SIDM?)
DE education part of medical school/residency curriculum (MedU participation)
DE included on quality scorecard
Anonymously provide data to national database on frequent misdiagnoses
Hierarchy of participation
(Level 1, 2, 3)
Break the Social Script
Coalition meeting on patient engagement changing the diagnostic dialogue
Is there an app for this?
Develop parameters for patient directed materials and "what else could this be?"
Spokespeople/Hero MDs
Identify spokespeople for:
local media pitches
website materials
press kits
Identify Metrics
What You Can Do
Medical Schools
MedU Population Health Course
Participate in Consensus Curriculum
Twitter challenge
Health Systems
Center of Diagnostic Excellence
Funded assessment process?
Maintenance of Certification Self-Study & CME on Diagnostic Error
Reported to central, blinded database
Case Managers
Change management seminars specific to Diagnostic Error RCA
Online social network of agents for change
Publish program success stories
Public Awareness:
directed campaign
Questions to Ask - ideas for breaking the social script
Creation of specific App - what is the differential?
Spokesperson campaign?
Diagnostic Error Roadshow
Webcast with standardized cases
Professional Societies
Rogers: Diffusion of Innovation
Rogers, Everett M. (1962) Diffusion of Innovations. Glencoe: Free Press
Prochaska: Transtheorhetical Approach to Change
Prochaska, JO; DiClemente, CC; (1984). The Transtheorhetical Approach: Crossing Traditional Boundaries of Therapy. Melbourne, FL: Krieger
High social status
More socially forward
Engage to maintain central communication position
Adoption time longer
Above average social status
Not opinion leaders or strong communicators
Want relief from point of pain
Will go where they are pulled
Require critical mass of social proof
Diffusion of
Disruptive Innovation
Crystallize social proof:
Change Management
Case Studies
White papers
Roadmap & GPS
Best practice:

Focus on one group at a time
of change management
initiatives fail
Early Majority
Target Audiences
Early Adopters
Post IOM
Life in Motion Coalition
252 million impressions in 8 months
Patient & Professional Resources
Stop Obesity Alliance
They will enhance their leadership position
Know-how and materials to underscore leadership when report is published
We're not asking for money
The PR machine to highlight participation
Unless they want to license specific materials or claim SIDM membership
Free public relations around a major patient safety issue?
What is that worth?
Interview with CMO/CFO/CEO
Promotion of IOM-related events
Media Exposure - PR Highlight
Co-branded materials
Access to Quality Team
Motivate Professionals:
"Make ONE Change"
Center of Diagnostic Excellence
Make ONE change and report to centralized database
80% of training/education activities are considered "scrap."
Establish "national" dashboard & regularly report on progress
"If you are waiting to have the perfect product before you launch to mainstream - surrender now" (Geoffrey Moore)
It's not an event, it is a process...
Bandwagon Effect
Messaging becomes de facto standard
(Ideas for materials to be created during phase 1)
Building Coalition to Shape Initiative & Amplify Impact
Establish de facto messaging
Leverage Proven Strategies
Success requires multi-disciplinary, diverse "community of believers" to shape efforts & champion the cause.
Build shared vision - surface/challenge mental models
Begin Building Consensus Now
Steering Committee
8 - 12 committee members
strategy meeting at DEM2014
establish frame for roadmap
What They Will Contribute
Roadmap for Change
Initial Strategy Ideas...
"Frontline Diagnosis"
Recruit Coalition/Associate Members
Create Champions for Diagnosis
Recommended Process
Start planning process (NOW!)
Coalition Steering Committee Development (NOW!)
Meeting at DEM2014
Announce Coalition (Q4 2014)
Press release, limited media outreach
Roadmap for change launch (Q4 2014)
Coalition development (Q1 2015)
monthly communication/quarterly webinars
Engage Capital Hill
Various Health Caucauses
Gain consensus
Motivate HCP
Recruit faculty (Q4 2014)
Orchestrate faculty meeting (Q1 2015)
Define educational activities (Q2 2015)
Deploy activities (Q4 2015)
Develop educational effectiveness study
IOM Press Event
Activate the Public
Develop ideas to break the script
Partnership development (Q4 2014)
Educational campaign (Q3 2015)
Press conference
Capital Hill?
Ongoing media messaging
Publish, publish, publish
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