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Meet Ms. Borders

Central High School Graduate and Teacher

Valerie Borders

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of Meet Ms. Borders

Meet Ms. Borders!
My Family is Awesome!!!!!
What I love...
Where I'm From...
I have three beautiful young adult kids...
I was the only child
of Vicki and Al Borders
I was the biggest
Diddy's girl EVER!
I am a 1989 CHS graduate...
I was Miss Phenix City
I started college
at MSU
and finished at Troy University
St. George Island, Florida
My Diddy passed away
6 years ago...
My Favorite Tv Shows...
I love to cook!
I love to work in the yard...
My favorite smells are crayons, my pillow, money
and freshly cut grass... and baby's heads...
I love traveling with my George!
I love cats
My Favorite Books...
My George is my very best friend in the whole wide world.
We love to spend time outside in ANY capacity, cook together, watch stupid tv shows together, go deep sea fishing, travel, or just relax together.
Lil Boosie, Don, and Little are a
big part of our family!
I love my job!!
Yes, I met Rick Springfield!!!
I love spending time with my crazy best friend!
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