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Finding a Home

by Camryn, Alysa, Emily, and Sarah

alysa gately

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Finding a Home

"The House On Mango Street"
---> (summary) Esperanza just moved into a new house on Mango street. She didn't like the house because it's no what she imagined it to be. A Nun walked up to Esperanza and asked if she liked the house and the tone of her voice was negative.
" you live there?" (Cisneros 5)
** This shows that Esperanza's house is questionable. **
" the way she said it made me feel like nothing" (5)
** Esperanza felt like she needs a new house and that the one she has now is not suitable. **
" The House On Mango Street isn't it." (5)
** This explains that the house on mango street is not a fit for her and that it wasn't the house she has always
dreamed of. **

" A Rice Sanwich "
--->(Summary) Esperanza wanted to be able to eat in the canteen but only the "special" kids get to eat there.
Quotes :
"...pointing to a row of three ugly flats . Even the raggedy men are ashamed of living there ." (45)
** Esperanza was ashamed of where she lives . She does not want to live to live in a house on mango street.
" Gloria's mother has a huge color t.v ." (44)
** Esperanza's family doesn't have that much money . They don't have remotely enough money to afford a t.v.**
" I cried and ate my sandwich , the bread already greasy and rice cold ." (42)
** Esperanza cried while eating her rice sandwich for being yelled at by the nun and for her house being so ugly . **

---> summary ) Esperanza went to a fortune teller to see what her future will be , it didn't turn out good . Elenita told her she would have a home in the heart .
Quotes :
"Ah , yes a home at heart I see a home in the heart . " (64)
**Esperanza only went to the fortune teller to see if she will have the house she has always wanted but, the fortune teller did not tell Esperanza what she wanted to hear. **
"She came back and tells that i am dissapointed . " (64)
**she is upset because Elenita did not tell her she would get a real house . **
"Only now she can tell i'm sad . Baby , ill look again if you want me to ." (64
) ** Esperanza thought Elenita told the fortune wrong . So Elenita tried it again and the same thing came up . **

" No Speak English "
---> summary) A guy who does not speak English finds a woman who is pretty and they go out, he turns out to be Esperanza's dad.
Quotes ;
"My father said that he came to this country, he ate ham and eggs for three months"(77).

** Her father is new to this country and the only thing he could eat was ham and eggs. **

"Bums In the Attic"
---> Esperanza's family looks for a house but Esperanza doesn't like to go because she is ashamed. Their parents talk about winning the lottery but she doesn't listen anymore. She thinks the people living in the hill VS the people who live so close to the earth. She knows what it is like to be homeless, so she lets the bums sleep in her attic. This makes Esperanza happy.
Quotes :
"I know how it is without a house." (87)
** this shows that Esperanza knows what it is like being homeless. **

"I used to go. i don't go anymore."(86)
** This shows the Esperanza doesn't like to look at the houses. **

"I'm tired of looking at what I can't have."(86)
** Esperanza doesn't like looking at houses she knows her parents can't afford. **

Alicia & I Talking on Edna's Stairs
"A House Of My Own"
---> Summary ) Esperanza got a house . A house for her and only her . She describes her house and what its like and what she has in it , also how it's hers .
Quotes :
"Not a flat . Not an apartment in back . Not a man's house . Not A daddy's house . A house all on my own " (108)
** This is the house Esperanza has always wanted.**
" with my porch and my pillow , my pretty petunias ." (108) ** she repeadly uses "my" to show that it is the house that she owns.**
"...a space for my self to go " (108)
**Esperanza doesn't have to share a house with anyone , its just a house for herself . **

Esperanza learns that it's hard to find a home that she likes going home to , and enjoys living in . Esperanza is embarrassed about her house and where she lives . She wished she lived in a better house she could show off instead of being scared to show people her house and acting like she doesn't live there.
The End
Finding A Home
Camryn Youngblood
Alysa Gatley
Emily Jackson
Sarah McLaughlin

When the landlord comes; no speak English"(77).
** She would say " no speak english " if the landlord came so she didn't have to pay . **
"She only knew eight words ." (77)
** She does not know English very well she only knows eight words . **

---> summary ) Esperanza is expressing how she likes Alicia and so she wished to have a home like Alicia . Esperanza talks about how Mango Street isn't her home , but Alicia tells her other wise. Esperanza wants Mango Street to change , but she doesn't know who's going to do it .
Quotes :
"like it or not you are apart of Mango street . " (107)
** Alicia is telling Esperanza that she's apart of Mango street and nothing will change that . **
"QUADALAJARA stitched on it , which is home for Alicia , and one day she will go back there . " (106)
** Esperanza wants a home like Alicia . A place she wants to call home . A place she could go back to like Alicia . a place she could be proud of and care for . **
"Not until somebody makes it better . " (107)
** Esperanza wants to see change on Mango street before / if she ever goes back . **

In the House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros the theme "Finding a home" is revealed. Throughout the chapters you will notice that Esperanza is not satisfied with her home. She has felt embarrassed , ashamed and so much more. As you read through these chapters you will notice these emotions. In the chapter "House on Mango street" Esperanza feels ashamed the nun that came by her house and judged commented on her house the way she did . In the vignette "Elinta's, cards,palms,water" Esperanza received news she was not thrilled to hear . She was disappointed about having "a home in the heart". In the vignette "A rice sandwich she was ashamed to go home and eat her lunch . She said the nun would yell at her and even the bums were ashamed to live there . in the vignette " No speak English" her dad talks about how a Spanish women didn't speak English and how she would get him out of paying the rent . In the vignette " Bums in the attic" Esperanza lets bums / homeless people inside her attic because she knows what it's like to be homeless , and it made her feel better when she help's them off . In the vignette "Alicia and I talking on Edna's stairs" Esperanza expresses to Alicia how she wants a home she can go back to like Alicia . A home she looks forward to go home to , and wants to show people . In the vignette "A house of my own" Esperanza found a house for herself . A house she not embarrassed of and one she enjoys coming home to .

"Finding A Home"

personal experience: There is a lot of poverty and homeless people everywhere looking for a home. when I walk along the streets i see people sleeping on the side of the road, holding signs begging for money,asking for help, and in the need for a home. people should be greatful for what they have and not spending time on what they don't have because people out there have no food, clothes, or shelter.

*this explains finding a home
*this represents the quote "Home is where the heart is"
*this shows the personal experience about poverty.
Works Cited
Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street. New York: Vintage, 1991. Print.

This quote represents finding a home.
Personal experience: When I see homeless people out on the streets, but makes me feel bad because I know I cannot fix anything. I cannot help them like they need it, I cannot give them a home and a place to eat. The people on the streets are sad, lonely, and poor. I wish I can give them a place to stay, something to eat, and new clothes. But we can't always help people when they really need it.
"Bums in the attic"
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