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Kim Campbell

No description

Sandra Cooper

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell What did she do for Canada? What were her accomplishments? How did she change Canada's identity? Background info Does she reflect who we are as Canadians? Pierre Trudeau,
Josh Turner,
Jean Chretien,
Joe Clark
Oct 24, 1994 Who was she? Timeline of political career
•1975-1978-Lecturer and, political Science at University of British Columbia
•1978-1981-Lecturer and Political Science and History at Vancouver Community College
•1980-1984-Trustee, Vancouver School Board
•1983-Chairman, Vancouver School Board
•1984-Vice-Chairman, Vancouver School Board
•1985-1986 Director, Officer of the Premier of British Columbia
•1985- Elected into BC Legislative Assembly
•1986-1988 MLA British Columbia
•1988-Elected to the House of Commons
•1989- Appointed Minister of State
•1990- Minister of Justice and Attorney general of Canada
•1996-2000 Consul General of Canada, Los Angeles, California
•1993-Present Lecturer, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
•1993- 14th Prime Minister of Canada
•2004-Present Secretary-General of the Club of Madrid
•Currently Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders
Minister of national defense

Minister of Justice

19th Prime Minister Born Avril Phaedra Campbell on March 10, 1947 in BC

Graduated high school in 1964

Won a prize for English

First female prime minister

Mom left family when Kim was 12. Changed her name after

Went to UBC for political science

First remale student body president in high school

Changed her name because of Kim Novak

Married twice

First female freshman president at UBC Vice chairperson of the Vancouver school board

First woman minister of Justice and attorney General of Canada

Valedictorian for high school

Elected to BC legistlative assembly

First woman elected leader of Progressive Party of Canada

Publicly opposed Vancouver premier's restrictive stance on abortion

Wom Merit for best student

First female Prime Minister of Canada for 4 months from June 25, 1993 to November 4, 1993

Attained a law degree in 1986

First female minister of national defense

Cut the number of federal ministers from 75 cabinet ministers and ministers of state to 23

Changed people's perceptions of women

As first woman to be Prime Minister she brought a new outlook to Canada

Gave women a new voice in Canadian politics and society

The number of cabinet committees was reduces from eleven to five

First Prime Minister to convene a first Fimisters' conference for consulation prior to representing Canada at the G7 Summit She was in office for too short of a time for people to get to know her as a successful leader

At first, Canadians weren't accepting

Introduced a new ammendment to the criminal code

Gave hope to future female leaders and role models in society Didn't give up in the face of adversity

Accepting toward change in how the country is viewed and run
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