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"The Boeing Company"

Marketing Presentation

The Marketeers Group 3

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of "The Boeing Company"

"The Boeing Company" Presented by The Marketeers History So, Who Runs Boeing, Boeing Defense, Space, and Security Culture & Values Commercial SWOT Airplanes Alexlindy Croes,
Kristina Schill,
Kevin Rogers,
& Kyle Turko Fun Facts Boeing is the world's leading aerospace and the largest manufacturer of commercial jet lines and military aircraft combined
Designs and Manufactures: Rotor- crafts
Electronic and defense systems,
Launch vehicles
Advance Information and Communication Systems And How is Boeing Organized? Organizations of "The Boeing Company" Commercial Airplanes Boeing Defense, Space, & Security Boeing Capital Corporation The Shared Service Group Boeing Engineering, Operations, and Technology Prime contractor for the International Space Center
Provides products and supports customers in 150 countries
Employs > 170,000 people across U.S. and in 70 countries Premiere manufacturer for more than 40 years
More than 12,000 commercial jet lines
Offers a full-rage of world class engineering, modification, logistics, and information services to it's global customer base
Trains maintenance and flight Crews
Main commercial products are: Boeing 737 Boeing 747 Boeing 777 Boeing 787- Dreamliner Interior of the Boeing 787-Dreamliner "Committed to being leader in commercial aviation by offering airplanes and services that deliver superior design, efficiency, and value to customers." Shareholders
Partnership with Mcdonnel-Douglas (Military Operations) Walter James Mcnerney,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Boeing Company $32 Billion Business
Employs over 61,000 worldwide
Provides services for large-scale systems that enhance air-,land-,sea-, and space- based platforms
Operate net-work enabled solutions, communications, and Intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance technology (ISR) "Provide customers with the right solution at the right time and the right cost" Some Products Include P8-A Poseidon F-15 Silent Eagle U.S. Airforce KC-46A Tanker Leadership
Customer Satisfaction
People working together
Diverse and Involved Team
Good Corporation Citizenship
Enhancing Shareholders Video Take-Away "Revenue of $76.7 Billion" - New York Times, Thursday, October 4 , 2012 SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong global network
broad product line; covers most major market niches Weaknesses Labour Problems
Dependence on U.S Government Opportunities New aircrafts to gain market share
Increase demand for point to point routes Threats Slowdown in the commercial jet market
Uncertain airline industry environment Founded in 1916 by William B.Boeing in Seattle, Washington
Moved to Chicago in 2001 th "The company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Its broad range of capabilities includes creating new, more efficient members of its commercial airplane family; integrating military platforms, defense systems and the warfighter through network-enabled solutions; creating advanced technology solutions; and arranging innovative customer-financing options."- The Boeing Company William Boeing
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