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21st Century Chinese Medicine


Morgan Reed

on 15 February 2012

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Transcript of 21st Century Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine in the 21st Century Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupunture
Chinese Food Therapy
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Physical Exercises
Feng Shui Least popular Chinese Medicine Most Popular Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
Massage Therapy
Herbal Medicine
Physical Therapy Chinese Medicine integrated into Modern Medicine Chinese Food Therapy
Auriculo Therapy Acupuntcure
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Physical Exercise
Feng Shui Medical Students are now studying both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
Western Medicine is just as affective
Acupunture treatments
Two is better than one
Herbs and Raditation Treatments Chinese Perspective Western Perspective Difficulty accepting Chinese Medicine
Acuptucure and Health
Merging two schools of philosophy
American Public Demands Western and Chinese thoughts on Health Western: Health is the absence of Disease

Chinese: Health is much more of a lifestyle, integrating philosophy, activity, and diet What is being integrated Cupping Moxibustion Acupuncture Auriculo Therapy Herbal Medicine Chinese Food Therapy Physical Exercise Feng Shui
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