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RFID Marketing - POSTmachine (ENG)

POSTmachine provides an internet marketing communication service with which our customers can enable their own satisfied customers to easily share their positive experiences on social networks. (http://www.rfidmarketing.eu/)

RFID Marketing

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of RFID Marketing - POSTmachine (ENG)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
POSTmachine - social media marketing communication service to support sales & marketing activities (e.g. customer loyalty programs)
How can you reach 220 thousand people with 900 users & get 990 thousand message views with 4 thousand messages?
Possible applications
Real time monitoring of
sales promotions
Social communication of
sales promotions
Social communication of
Interactive information / photo totem
to support tourism related communication
CRM database building
Results of some pilot projects
917 registered users

more than
3 970 RFID activities
- social messaging, and activities related to other activities (e.g. tombola game, sport events)

993 thousand social media appearances

- targeted, direct, perso-to-person communication between the message sender and its social media connections... this kind of communication is way more trusted, than conventional marketing communication channels
3 970
993 000
Personal recommendation is far the most efficient way of marketing communication: 92% of online consumers believe that “recommendations from people I know” is the most trusted from of advertising. On the contrary, only 36% say that ads on social networks can be trusted, and online banner ads are one of the least trusted forms of advertising (33%).

38% of 18-64 year old consumers have recommended a brand they "like" or follow on a social network.

Among those who had been sent relevant recommendations by friends, more than eight out of ten state that they investigated it or even made a purchase (84%).

On average, 22% said they bought a brand because a friend recommended or followed the brand online.

The importance of personal recommendation is even more crucial, since only 1.4% of fans and friends of fans of the top 200 brand pages on Facebook are actually engaging with those pages.

Source: Nielsen, Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages (April 2012) - sample: 28 thousand
Source: IPSOS, Socialogue: I Like You and Will Follow You Anywhere! (June 2012) - sample: 12 thousand

Source: Vanson Bourne, Pitney Bowes Software, Social media: contrasting the marketing and consumer perspectives (Nov. 2012), - sample: 3 thousand
Source: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Brand Engagement Rate Still 1%, But Facebook Is OK With That (November 2012) - top 200 Facebook brand pages
Importance of personal recommendation in corporate communication
Which communication
types consumers find useful?
Those about discount
or money-saving vouchers

Those about new products/services

Those about upcoming sales

Those about upcoming events

Those about changes to products/services
The user connects the unique identification code of the RFID tag with his/her own Facebook page to enable personal message sending.
Message sending /
RFID-tag is placed near to RFID-reader:
A predefined message is sent to the user's own Facebook page under his own name, or other predefined activity is initiated (e.g. participation in a tombola prize draw).
The message (published under the name of the message sender user) appeares in the News Feed of the Facebook friends.
Targeted, friend-driven word-of-mouth markketing communication!
In practice
Customer loyalty program
Optic Duroc
“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.”
Case study: MTV
92 registered users
(RFID key holder,
1 glass of Heineken beer, tombola prize draw)

343 RFID-interactions
(wellcome messages; Heineken
game messages)

161 messages (Facebook posts)
sent to Facebook friends

Social multiplicator effect:
The 92 registered users of the campaign had
528 Facebook friends on the average,
The 92 registered users of the campaign had
total of 48 565 Facebook friends

Number of Facebook News Feed message appearances: 86 250

An average Facebook message is read by 12% of friends –
the messages were read by at least 10 350 friends
RFID Marketing
Sales support
Event marketing Heineken

Source: Vanson Bourne, Pitney Bowes Software, Social media: contrasting the marketing and consumer perspectives (Nov. 2012), - sample: 3 thousand
Supporting customer
loyalty programs
www.rfidmarketing.eu / info@rfidmarketing.eu
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