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No description

emily manfra

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Tangled

by:Emily Manfra Independant Reading Project!
Tangled Picture of Book! Song! Video! Book Review! Summary! Author Bio! Tangled by Carolyn Mackler I chose the song Begin Again by Taylor Swift to represent the newfound relationship between two characters in my book, Owen and Jena. Jena had recently had a bad experience with a boy who was just the total opposite of her, but who she thought she had to change for. When Jena met Owen online, she realized that the key to starting a relationship is being yourself, which Taylor Swift describes in this song. Also, Owen is different from other guys in that he has a sweet sensitive side, unlike the boy Jena had a fling with in the book. I thought that it would be interesting to hear the authors side to what Tangled is about and how the creation had happened. I have always wondered how authors create novels, because I often have writers block, so it was intriguing to hear how the creative process occurs. Tangled by Carolyn Mackler offers an inside view on life through the eyes of four teenagers, Jena, Dakota, Skye and Owen. These four character’s lives get intertwined when they all go to Paradise Resort in the Caribbean. The book is divided into four sections, one for each character. Each section allows the reader to experience each individual character’s personalties, feelings, interests and struggles. The reader follows the twists and turns the characters face and how each one handles situations.
The first section is narrated by sixteen year old Jena Gornik, a quirky and cheerful young girl trying to find herself. Jena reveals to the reader her fantasies about true love, her insecurities and her constant search for the real Jena. The reader gets to experience Jena’s first brush with romance at Paradise, and see the situation from her point of view. On the same night that she meets the mystery boy, Jena finds a note outside the hot tub at the resort. Although Jena doesn’t know it yet, this note was written by a friend of hers, on the verge of suicide!
Next, we meet eighteen year old Dakota, a tough jock who has a strong facade. Behind this tough exterior though, Dakota is dealing with some heartbreaking struggles. In an attempt to ease his troubles, his mom brings him and his little brother to Paradise Resort. As Dakota deals with his past and tries to rebuild his image, the reader follows right alongside him on his road to recovery and rebuilding.
Eighteen year old Skye is a gorgeous young actress living what appears to be the perfect life. Although no one knows it, even Skye herself, she has been battling depression. Skye has dealt with an acting slump along with a break up with her boyfriend, just adding to her emotional problems.To lift her spirits and give her a break from trying to find an acting job, Skyes mother brings her to Paradise resort. The reader feels the intense pain and emotions Skye feels after discovering a family secret that her mother shielded her from. Skye’s emotional roller coaster shows the reader that even the most perfect life has its issues under the surface.
Finally, the reader gets to hear Owen’s story. Owen is a sixteen year old boy who would rather spend a beautiful day online blogging than anything else. He is shy, quiet and is not understood by his parents at all. Owen reveals to the reader his struggle to outgrow his awkwardness and finally start living. After going to Paradise in April, his life hasn’t really changed much, until July when he starts chatting a girl, and takes a huge risk to be with her.
Will Jena find true romance and save the person who wrote the note? Will Dakota fully move on from his past? Will Skye find help and finally understand her family? Will Owen’s risk for the girl pay off? Find out the answers to these questions and how Paradise helped each character in Tangled! If I were to rate Tangled by Carolyn Mackler I would give the book 5 stars! This novel perfectly expressed how real teenagers feel and think, and the same daily struggles we deal with at our age. This book had so many twists and turns that kept me reading all night. Tangled had a great combination of humor and heartbreak, along with plenty of suspense to keep me on my toes. I would say that my favorite aspect of this book was that there were so many questions that formed along the way, so it kept me intrigued until the end to find out the answers. I love books that leave me wondering and thinking about what happened, which is what Tangled does perfectly. Also, as the title suggested, the characters lives get tangled together, and as I read I put different details together like puzzle pieces to foreshadow what would happen in the end. Overall, I recommend this book to everyone, both male and female. Once you start reading, you’ll be hooked. The author of the novel Tangled is Carolyn Mackler. Carolyn Mackler is a successful and popular young adult author, who also wrote the books, The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, Vegan Virgin Valentine, and Love and Other Four Letter Words. Mackler was born in Manhattan on July 13, 1973. She didn’t stay in New York City too long however, and by the age of 1, she moved to the suburbs, and lived in Brockport, New York from K-12. She often uses Brockport as the settings in her novels, as she did in Tangled. “From the beginning I loved to read and write.” said Mackler, showing how her author career was destined from the start. Mackler would often recite stories to her mom, and even started a newspaper with her best friend when they were young. Mackler was a misfit in school, mostly because her love of books kept her living in a fiction life, rather than real life. As Mackler got older, her misfit days still haunted her even though she had many friends and even a boyfriend or two. Her coping method was reading young adult novels. This genre of books made her feel less alone, and guided her in becoming a young adult author. Before realizing that writing was going to be her definite career, she moved around between jobs, unsure of what she wanted to do in life. Finally she landed a job at “Ms. Magazine” where she progressed from writing articles for the magazine to stories of her own. She took a beginners class for writing novels at NYU, and eventually published her first book Love and Other Four Letter Words. When asked why she writes young adult novels, Mackler said “Lots of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that I honestly believe that, along with certain friendships, I was saved by the books I read during those years.” Mackler now lives in Manhattan with her husband Jonas and two sons. She says she will continue to write Young Adult novels when her sons are at school and her husband is at work. It sounds like Mackler doesn’t plan on leaving Manhattan anytime soon, as she said “I’m still enchanted by New York City and how, in this city of misfits, I’ve finally found a place where I belong.” Sources http://www.carolynmackler.com/about/
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