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vanessa cosentino

on 21 March 2014

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In conclusion of my presentation, I chose the value of money because Chris has showed us what he had to go through to support his family and to achieve something in life and set goals and to never give up. I think it was a good value to choose upon because there are many pros and cons in life that if you don't have money you basically cant have anything you achieve for.
VALUE : Money
For Chris Gardner to value money and achieve those certain goals he had to have long and short term goals. His long term goals where to sell all of his medical machines to doctors in hospitals and get money to support him and his son. His short term goals where to get the position at the company and while he was working hard he achieved the goal by getting the position at the business company.
The reason that I have chosen money as a value is because, Chris Gardner in this movie showed me that in life it could get hard but eventually everything will work it's self out. While watching this movie really showed me that he values money because he couldn't do anything with out it. Money would support him and his son, it would buy them food and have a place for them to sleep. In addition to the movie profit is very compatible with loss and risks. There has been losses in this movie that happened to Chris. When he sold his last medical machine he put some money in the bank to put away but the bank took it all away because of the taxes. Therefore Chris was left with nothing. For the risk part Chris went and applied to the business job for a huge company and it was a huge risk because not many people would be able to get that job but in Chris's perspective he worked hard and achieved his goal and got a job there by working hard and finally have enough money to support him and his son.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vanessa Cosentino
The Pursuit of Happyness.
In my presentation today I will be talking about the main character Chris Gardner and his values in this movie. I chose one specific value that stood out to me the most. I will be telling you about why I chose that value, why he values it so much in this movie and what I have learned in this movie from him valuing it.
From this value I have learned that money doesn't have to be everything in life but you do need it. Money isn't just a value to Chris Gardner, it is a huge value to many other people who are and where in the same position as him. The value of money sounds kind of greedy but from his perspective he made us step in his shoes and ask us what would we do if we had to support your child but not have a dime in your pocket. I've learned that not only to support someone but to get somewhere in life you need to work hard for it and never give up, succeed as much as you can and you will achieve it if you set your mind to it.
The value that I have chosen is money because Chris Gardner has worked hard in his life to achieve his goal into selling his medical machines to doctors in hospitals, and wanting to sell all of them. In addition he achieved his goal because he worked hard on getting the business job that he always wanted to support him and his little boy Christopher.
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