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Week 12, Lecture 2 - Lit Plan Work Day

No description

Megan Brown

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 12, Lecture 2 - Lit Plan Work Day

Sit with your groups

You will have most of the time today to work on your lit plan projects

So have you learned this semester?
A - Why don't we just spell words the way they sound?
B - How do students learn to spell?
C - How should spelling words be selected and organized?
D - Should I allow invented spelling? If so, for how long?
E - What types of spelling strategies should be taught?
F - How do I determine my students' spelling levels?
G - How can I assess how my students are progressing?
What advice would you share with the phonics class in the spring?
Next Class:
Bring Computer and be prepared to work
Start compiling Part 5
You have done it!
Identify 2-3 target skills for your group
Post the skills on the discussion board
Write a summary that describes your classroom (include grade, type of school, short summary of students, etc.)
Start a Google Doc through Collaborations
Copy the template for the handout onto that Google Doc so you can all work on it
Each group member needs to find or brainstorm one activity and post it
Fill out the SEI for this class
Group Work
Part 5 Hints
Put punctuation inside of the quotation
Put an & in citations with more than one author

Start by
identifying the target skills
for each area (spelling, reading, & writing)
Use information from Parts 3&4 that
the skills
Try to use quantitative and qualitative examples or information from
2 or more
assessments in each section
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