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Coil Pots

No description

Sally May

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Coil Pots

What is a coil pot?
A traditional technique used for thousands of years to create pottery.
A coil pot or vessel are created by using snake like coils which are stacked upon each other to create the walls.
Demonstrate an understanding of the coil hand building technique used in making ceramics.

Explore the possible shapes that can be created when using the coil hand building technique
Grayson Perry
Coiling allows you to build a large pot very quickly.
You will need a:
board or fabric
modeling tools
rolling pin
wooden guides
Making a coiled pot

Coil pots
Hand building technique.

Contempory Coil pots

Aims and Objectives
What could the coil pot
technique be used for
Health and Safety

No food or drink allowed in the workshop
Coats and bags to be left in the classroom
To take care when using the equipment and tools
Be especially careful when using sharp tools such as knives
Make sure tools such as knives are put away in the right place and breaks and lunch times.
Task 4
You are going to design and make a coil pot. Think about the shape, size and its end purpose. The final outcome will need to be at least 10inches tall.

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