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All Summer in a Day

No description

Brianna De Stefano

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of All Summer in a Day

Thanks for Listening!
Our Short Story on Video
A video of All Summer in a Day made by a class from another school
The Sun:
Symbolizes happiness, hope and the rebirth of the soul for all of the children living on Venus
Also symbolizes Margot’s memories of her life on Earth as well as her hope for the future
All Summer in a Day:
This whole story in general can be a symbol of life

Plot Continue
The children lock Margot in a closet and do not let her out
The rain stops and the sun comes out
The children play outside and enjoy themselves without Margot
Falling Action:
The sun slowly fades away and it soon starts to rain again

Background of Author Continue
First paying job as a writer was at the age of 14

Wrote novels, short stories, plays, television scripts & more

Some of his most famous novels – “The Martian Chronicles”, “Something Wicked Comes This Way” & “Fahrenheit 451”

Some famous short stories – “The Veldt”, “The Sound of Thunder” & “All Summer in a Day”
Background of Author
Ray Douglas Bradbury

August 22, 1920 - June 5, 2012 (92)

Born in Illinois

Began writing his own stories at 11

Influenced by Edgar Allen Poe
Literary Genre

Science Fiction which is a story usually about facts of science and sometimes is located on other planets such as Venus

Bullying & Jealousy
Margot's fellow students are jealous of her
Margot is doubted by her peers
The other students lock Margot in a closet
Margot gets pushed around by her peers
The story is take from a third person point of view, Omniscient (All Knowing)
It is told from an outsider's perspective
Individual vs. Individual:
Margot & William
When William locks Margot in the closet, causing her to miss the Sun come out
Individual vs. Society:
Margot & The Other Children
They do not do anything to stop William from locking her in
Individual vs. Nature:
Margot & The Sun
She believed that the sun will come out again
She witnessed the sun, but her peers did not believe her

Characterization Continue
The Other Children:
Dynamic characters
2 hours in the sun changes their perspective on life and turns them into better people
The lack of sunlight has had an effect on her physical appearance (pale skin)
Shows signs of depression (ghost like voice, likes to be alone, does not want to participate in everyday activities)
Other characters perceive Margot as frail, shy and an easy target for bullying
Not a defensive person (allows herself to be pushed around)
Static Character

Plot Continue
The children return indoors and realize Margot is still locked in the closet
The children feel guilty and let Margot out

This story takes place takes place in Venus
It has been raining for seven years
Ray Bradbury introduces children who are in a classroom
Protagonist: Margot is introduced; she seems to be an “outcast”
Rising Action:
A boy pushes Margot around, while yelling at her
The children continue to laugh at her

All Summer in a Day
By: Ray Bradbury

Brianna De Stefano, Carolyn Kaye,
Isabella Mizzi & Kayla Rivera
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