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Translating in-class module online

Presentation about adapting an in-class module for an online delivery

Michael Seery

on 31 August 2009

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Transcript of Translating in-class module online

Translating an in-class module for an online environment Why? Face to Face Pros Face to Face Cons Michael Seery
School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dublin Institute of Technology
Ireland Social environment Tutor Support Sticking Point Mixture of learner capabilities Rationale for change Added
VALUE! Degree on a key? Design Learner Materials Learner Support Authentic Learning
Activities Learner Differences My thanks go to Roisin Donnelly & Claire Mc Donnell
for clarifying my framework for module design Implement Induction Feedback:
"It was nice to know there was a face at the other end of the computer"

"Would have been useful to show how to submit assignments and how the material was arranged on the assessment files" Important to show all aspects of module... discuss hopes, fears and expectations [ e.g. in chat room]...post discussions to board...explain assessment...describe assessment submission procedures... is there a pedagogic rationale
for moving online? independent learners flexible environment information presentation options group and tutor support ask yourself* *Gilly Salmon, Designing E-tivities Resources What has changed? J. Chem. Ed., 1975, Report on IUPAC conference on technology in chemistry education JCE 1975, 687. Lecture Notes with Audio Screen Capture Videos Announcements: Learning to Learn Assignment and
Practice Files Support Discussion Board Guest Expert Weekly Feedback Chatroom Evaluate Reflection Online provides opportunities
- tutor engagement vital Develop core structures and build up Be wary of "exclusifying" material Tune scaffold-freedom balance Feedback needs to be ongoing and specific Embrace (and enjoy!) discussion board Outlook Week long induction (e.g. Treasure hunt) Incorporate SCORM (assessment interactive with videos) Move towards open access computers4chemistry.pbworks.com www.youtube.com/mkseery Acknowledgements Dr Roisin Donnelly Dr Claire Mc Donnell
Dr Christine O'Connor DIT Learning, Teaching & Technology Centre (support & €€€) Students on Module Dr Joe - Guest Expert! www.dit.ie/chempharm-cert Photos: www.flickr.com/ dragonhide
mts83 Module "Computers for Chemistry" This presentation: prezi.com/wfead3cfqtpa/ jgphoto1us
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