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Brianna and Ryan penny debate

No description

Angela Altazan

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Brianna and Ryan penny debate

Shall we keep the
or not?

By: Brianna Delhommer and Ryan White
Penny history:

Pennies are given to charities for multiple reasons.
People think the penny is a good luck charm.
Your average penny is made out of zinc now days.
It's made smaller to save money.
"About 7.4 billion pennies are produced each year." (According to studies)
Reasons to keep the penny:
"If we didn't have the penny, we would all be forced to round up to the nearest nickel and the sales priced would be higher."
Also, if if we vanish the penny, you would have to rely on nickels which cost 7.7 cents to make and pennies cost 1.26 cents each.
"A 2012 poll shows that 67% of Americans want to keep the penny." (According to "The Penny Debate")
Americans love their pennies and we don't want to change that.
Pennies can show older generations something special within our generation of time.
Pennies are not what they seem to be worth considering that they are only a cent.
"There is a sentimental value of the "Lincoln Penny". (According to "The Penny Debate."~Classroom discussion)
The U.S. penny is valuable to the government and the citizens. "Many foreign nations have completely eliminated their most minor denominations with almost no impact."(The Penny Debate Should We Keep the Penny or Get Rid of It?) The penny does not pay minimum wage unless you can pick it up in 6.15 seconds or less. I wouldn't want to be working for the Mint company of the United States because they have a major choice to make if they decide to get rid of the penny.
This shows a picture of an original copper penny.
And this shows what is now considered a zinc penny.
Here is our video:
And then our link:
In conclusion, we should always keep the penny even though it is only a cent. We should collect our pennies if they do get rid of it for a keep sake. That is why we should keep our American Lincoln penny apart of our lives.
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