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Peace Child

No description

Annie Ellison

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Peace Child

i.e. Man vs. his own sinful nature like... The Main Conflict of Peace Child is Man vs. Himself When the missionaries showed Christianity to the Sawi, the tribe began reflecting God's love by establishing peace with their enemies and abolishing cannibalism The Resolution of the Main Conflict is God's LOVE and GRACE The Two Secondary conflicts of Peace Child are Man vs. Man and Man vs. a Greater Force One of the main examples of Man vs. Man conflict in Peace Child are the Wars between the tribes
The resolution is the Peace Child. Not only the earthly child, but our Lord Jesus Christ who died for peace. Don Richardson Character Traits:

Dynamic (you left your prezi open) Great Job Annie! Hate
Peer Pressure An example of man vs. a greater force would be Don, his family and the missionaries adjusting to their new environment.

The Resolution comes as the missionaries begin to adapt by building familiar housing and befriending the Sawi. Yae Character types-

•Foil • His story teaches about the culture in an interesting way. The author uses him to introduce the practices of head hunting, fattening with friendship, and most importantly, their need for a peace child. • I picked Yae because he was the first glimpse at the Sawi’s culture. I realized how important hearing about him was because he showed the wickedness of the culture and was a contrast to the missionaries. Why Did you pick this Character? What is the significance of Yae in the book? Point of View • Most of the story is first person point of view. The author writes in past tense so he can tell more about the situation than he would have known at about that moment.

• This point of view is easiest to write in and easy to read. It shows you the author’s emotions and gives you a sense of what he might have felt. A disadvantage to using this viewpoint is that you can ONLY know what the narrator knows and therefore it can be confusing. Why did you pick this character? I liked how he went to New Guinea even though he knew that there was a chance he could die. He kept pursuing what he was doing there and he didn't leave because it got difficult or fear of the cannibals. What is the Significance of this character? He leads them to Christ, and was willing to go over. So he was very important/ significance to this story. Carol Richardson Character Traits

•Protagonist Why did you pick this character? Carol because I thought she was a Godly woman who was willing to risk her and her families life to touch people with the Gospel. Carol knew that the Sawi tribes were cannibals and that there were many dangers in the jungle but still she wanted to go with her husband into New Guinea and assist him any way that he needed. What was the significance of this character? In the book, Peace Child, she was helpful to the Sawi people because she worked as a nurse to them. She also helped her husband witness to the tribe. •

• • Analyisis and Application Why would you tell your children to read this story? I wouldn’t tell/let my kids read this book until they were like my age because of the gruesome beginning. I would however, tell them to read it when they were old enough because of the great message of hope and grace it brings. What is a lesson that can be learned from the story? God always does something for a purpose. God allowed the Sawi people to have a peace child, so Don could could tell them that Jesus is the ultimate peace child. John 16:33 • •

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