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mercury metal

No description

louise wydemans

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of mercury metal

Properties Mercury is a silver colored metallic element. Unlike all the other pure metals, mercury is a liquid at room temperature. Mercury is also known as quicksilver because it rises, or falls down to a different temperature rapidly. It's name comes from the messenger, of the gods of Romans mythology. How societies take advantage of the properties of Mercury
Mercury is used for :
filling teeth
lamp making
barometers Challenges Mercury is a toxic and poisonous to , animals and plants.
If mercury gets spilled and water washes it along to the plants or water bodies it would brake our food chain and animals, plants and us humans might die. Mercury the
metal Filling teeth In this case we use mercury for filling teeth as we all know that when you use mercury or melt a metal, it can replace the missing part of a stone . And we all consider that a tooth, is like a stone so that is why we use mercury, to fill the missing part of our tooth. Lamp making In the lamp you can see one part of it lighting up and that part is made out of mercury with argon By: Louise Wydemans Thermometers Mercury is used for thermometers because it is the only liquid that doesn't wet the glass so when it goes up or down it doesn't break the glass. It is also used because it is a shinning liquid that can be seen better. Barometers In barometers mercury is used for
the volume that increase or decrease due to the altitude changes. Mercury Metal The retrieval of mercury If mercury needs to be retrieved they dig down in the Earth and then use a chemical but the problem of the chemical is that it spoils the environment. When mercury is dug out of the Earth it is solid but when you put it in a room or out side it starts to melt. Meanings of words :
Retrieve = Dig out some thing from the Earth
Altitude = The height of an object or point of sea or ground level
Rapidly = A quick speed
Argon = A chemical element

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