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Mexico, Australia, and Cuba

Hayley you

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography

Mexico Australia
Cuba or Why should I stay in Mexico? Why should I leave Mexico? Why should I migrate to Cuba?
Why should I migrate to Australia? Mexico Cuba Australia Factors of migration. Barriers to migration. So I have decided that
I will migrate to Cuba. What is culture? What will happen to my culture after I move? How has migration affected Canada? The Cuban health care
system is respected
around the world.Before
the Revolution most Cuban's
couldn't afford proper medical
care. But now everything has
changed, Cuba has made
great progress through
it's family doctor program. Economy Cuba has a dual economy
with 2 systems operating
side by side. The economy provides
free education, free
health care, universal
employment, food,housing,
and utilities. GDP: $25.9 billion Education Another major accomplishment
of the revolution. Before it,
education was unavailable to
over half of Cuban children. In 1960 nearly a quarter
of the population hadn't
been able to read before,
it ended with a literacy rate
of 3% Around 7% of of the population has graduated from college and 4% have degrees.There are 1.3 million graduates of technical schools in Cuba
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