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Sidewalk Gallery Cafe

No description

Weiren You

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Sidewalk Gallery Cafe

Empowerment Social Mission Future Outlook Scalability July April Sep Phase 1 Timeline Evaluation
Handover Phase 2 Phase 3 Study
Marketing May June Aug F&B Partners Sidewalk Gallery Cafe Operations
Marketing After graduating from their training schools, the mentally challenged need a transitional period to adapt to the work demands of the F&B industry Social Problem Provides the mentally challenged with on-job training and experience in the F&B industry.

To increase the chances of the mentally challenged in finding full-time employment. Our Mission Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him to fish and you feed him for life.
Lao Tzu Cost Breakdown Unique Blend of Art and Savory Food Future Jul 2012 Launch of Sidewalk Gallery Cafe Sandwiches & Toast Oct-Dec 2011 1 Jul 2012 Tai Yuan, our first employee. 1. Engage more beneficiaries.
2. Open on more days.
3. Increase revenue Grace Orchard School Association for Persons with Special Needs Our Story Sidewalk Gallery Cafe Create sustainable F&b operations Value Proposition Sidewalk Gallery Cafe Operating Hours Every Sunday
8.30am - 4.30pm Financial Performance Network of employers Convenient location Arts Cafe Enhance employability Key Focus Beneficiary Training and Placement Become a choice venue to support VWO social needs Accenture YMCA Start Now Key Partners Sidewalk Gallery Cafe Experimental Phase What we did
Hired a beneficiary
Considerations for new items
Use similar raw ingredients that are available (Tuna & Bacon)
Replicate the processes and yield similar results Stabilising Phase Lessons learnt
We can replicate this exact process and still be earn have revenue above $50
Hot weather deters customers Future Outlook Hire 5 beneficiaries by next June
Put in place structured training programs for beneficiaries
Collaborate with other F&B organisations for permanent jobs
Operate 3 days a week
necessary for (1) to be successful and to achieve revenue growth
Triple our daily revenue to $300 per opening
Increase food preparation efficiency to reducing customers’ waiting time and increase table turnover speed
Introduce new food items/ increase revenue stream: e.g. waffles
Increase human traffic flow to this area: marketing efforts
Weather-proof our cafe
Reduce weather’s effect on the cafe STEP UP Regional
Youth Conference 180 delegates
Budgetry constraints
Delivery of Impact Our volunteers Our beneficiary - Tai Yuan Aug 2012 Booth Sales
UniY Welcome Tea Engage peers
Recruit volunteers
Putting what we learnt into practice Marketing 180 delegates
Budgetry constraints
Delivery of Impact FIESTA! Opening up our premises for
fund raise events Cafe Operations What makes us different? Kitchen Operations Sustainable pool of volunteers Youth Development Learn to operate a business Menu Development Develop and sustain a business External Facade Before Kitchen Operations Marketing Skills Beneficaries management After Marketing Efforts 1. Distribution of flyers
2. In-house flyers in YMCA Hotel Guest rooms
3. Social Media Expansion Plans Market research to assess feasibility of opening on Saturdays Volunteer Management Efficiency Timing of volunteer Recruitment Coincide with beginning of school term students sign up for activties at the start of the year difficult to recruit during holidays because of prior commitments - internships We reached out to
2750 people! Social Enterprise Challenge 18 Feb 2012 Reorganized kitchen layout
Minimize food preparation time With every step of the way, Sidewalk has grown, developed and become stronger....but...
this is not the end yet.
We will continue to better ourselves and aim to be the best. Refined menu through experimenting & market research We reached out to 700 people! Innovation Failing forward: Turning mistakes into stepping stones We reached 1,200 people Turning unused area into value-adding space Beneficiary Training Kit Blackboard design Specialty Iced Tea Empowerment “...Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”

-- C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle Sponsorship from Delifrance - $1500, Nestle - $500 What we did
Tried event hosting
Tried many new items

Lessons learnt
Event hosting is a good way to boost revenue
Too many products leads to inefficiencies
Kitchen: unable to handle the variety and customers
Wastage costs since not all items are equally popular Event Hosting Rainy season Museum exhibition’s last day Before Implementation Period
Plagued by inefficiencies
Unstable earnings
Susceptible to poor weather These were things we set out to change Implementation Period
Saw greater stability in the revenue streams of business
Transfer our focus on product innovation
Did not manage to solve weather issues Revenue including events
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