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Popular culture in the 1980's

No description

Joanna Heather

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Popular culture in the 1980's

Popular Culture in the 1980's By Joanna Heather
Haru Nomura Bibliography
Fashion in the 1980s - Introduction. (2013, Unknown Unknown). Retrieved February 17, 2013, from skwirk.com.au: http://www.skwirk.com/p-c_s-14_u-189_t-509_c-1888/fashion-in-the-1980s/nsw/history/australia-s-social-and-cultural-history-in-the-post-war-period/social-and-cultural-features-of-the-1980s
S.B. (2013). Pearson history 10. Melbourn: Pearson Australia.
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Wikipedia. (2013, February 21). 1980's. Retrieved February 17, 2013, from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1980s

Background and Historical Significance of the 1980's. 1980's artifacts Background of politics at this time, the liberal leader was Malcolm Fraser served as prime minister until 1983
he was defeated by Bob Hawke- Labour Party
Hawke created a concord between trade unions, businesses and the government in order to keep wage growth in economic growth
he remained power until 1991 Bob Hawke Malcolm Fraser Race relations in 1980s, Indigenous people began to make gains in their land rights struggle
Indigenous people in South Australia got their ownership of more than 10% of the state's land
In 1985, the Commonwealth Government granted land rights over Uluru back to the Aboriginals Immigration and Migrants migrants from all over the world settled into Australia in the 80s
it peaked in 1988- 254 000 people arrived
embraced various cultural groups- contrast to the previous policy of 'assimilation' World events The Chernobyl disaster- a nuclear power station exploded, many people died.
The fall of the Berlin wall- marked the end of the Cold war The Chernobyl disaster Australian local and national events Ash Wednesday- 1983, following a period of extreme drought and bushfire disaster. Attitudes toward consumerism people wanted more
growing economy
multiculturalism Music in the 1980s (Australia) gained confidence throughout the 1980s
'Australian rock' sound
Midnight Oil was a popular band whose lyrics addressed social and political issues
Australian band Men At Work released the patriotic song "Down Under"- hit in both US and UK, receiving Grammy nominations
actress Kylie Minogue launched her music career Non-Australian music Michael Jackson
achieved numerous number one hits in Australia Technology home computers/personal computers
video rental stores became comon place as VHS 1980s fun: Generation X
embraced multiculturalism
- food
- Music: US orientated
Aboriginal rights
-equality: race, women
-cable TV
TV continued improving
live broadcasts of international tv
-examples of Australian being up to date with world events
providing many languages to support multicultural population Fashion bold and glitzy
teenagers no longer dictated fashion trends
rejected 'hippie' values
music stars/film/TV influenced fashion trends
stiff, sharply-cut suits with wide shoulders- businessmen and women
flashy, expensive dressing extended accessories- expressed wealth and success Hairstyles generally bouffant and heavily styled
contrast to long, straight, natural styles in 1970s Sport -Sport went world wide.
-British and American had an influence on sport.
-Contemporary Sports such as; Cricket, Horse racing and Rugby Union etc.
-Basketball had a boom in the 1980's 1980's Australia was a festival, full of colour and celebration but also controversy and the feeling the world attention
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