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Copy of Orville Redenbacher's Marketing Plan

No description

Maria Lopez

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Orville Redenbacher's Marketing Plan

Agenda 1. Brand and Product Introduction
2. Consumer and Market Profile
4. Marketing Mix
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Financial Evaluation
7. Foreign Entry
8. Conclusion and Questions "You'll like it better or my name isn't Orville Redenbacher." That's the promise Orville made more than 40 years ago—and the same promise we stand by today. Orville Redenbacher dedicated his life to perfecting a lighter, fluffier popcorn. Instapop! 1. A bag of popcorn that pops itself when shaken vigorously

2. Sets precedence for a new line of "self-popping popcorn" Mission Statement Consumer Profile Demographic Segmentation Geographical Segmentation Market Profile Market Analysis Situation Analysis Competitor Analysis Positioning Map Instapop! in Comparison to Other Orville Redenbacher Products and Other Brands Marketing Mix Product Pricing Distribution Promotion What makes our product unique? SWOT Analysis Break-Even Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Global Expansion Entry Method Summary Instapop is an innovative popcorn bag that pops popcorn when shaken vigorously on the go

Instapop will rely on an aggressive TV marketing campaign .

Three Goals:
Set a precedent for "self-popping" popcorn
Approximately $50,000 in profit from Instapop
Expand Instapop into China in time for Chinese New Year 2015. Popcorn consumption is highest among households that have:

the elderly
three or more members
a household income of less than $20,000 (yearly) Popcorn is a symbol of socializing, having fun, and relaxing – activities that appeal to almost all Canadians. Ottawa has the highest consumption of popcorn at a projected population percentage of 40.1%. Ontario Exclusive hybrids that pop up lighter and fluffier than ordinary popcorn. Always tender and delicious! Popcorn sales are expected to increase by 30% over the next 5 years

The 2nd most popular product compared to crisps/chips

Reputation and large market share will help Instapop be more easily introduced Instructions and warnings is provided clearly on the packaging for the protection of our consumers:

labels that remind consumers of the potential heat exposure

The Food Directorate should test and approve our product Highest rate of consumption (30-40% of the popcorn-consuming population)

Store brands (20% consumption) offer lower quality, cheaper products The leader in the overall savoury snacks industry in Canada with 43% of the retail value share. Indirect Competitor:
Frito-Lay (GBO Pepsi-Co) Introducing new products or increasing accessibility to its products could increase their competitive stance. Special Promotional Offer Period Price will remain $5, but the profit margin will decrease by 33% because of a free bonus packet in each bundle. Jon Shen, Senior Director of Interactive Marketing revealed possibility of direct online channel.

Possible channel conflicts between E-Commerce and retail are too costly and risky

Uniquely designed cardboard displays and sampling booths

Conclusion: Distribute through retail and wholesale channels “What Flavour Is It?”
Typical Instapop Gourmet with bonus mystery flavoured (Sweet & Savoury)packet
Incoporate social media Social Media:
Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Online campaigns have yielded positive results Objectives:
Product Image
Build Recognition
Enhance Brand Reputation TV Advertisements:
Outsource campaign
Reach target market
Popular channels Brand Reputation
Existing Resources
Large Market Share
Innovative Product Lack of Internal Skill to Develop Promotional Campaign
New Product Risks and Liabilities Changing Customer Preferences
Technological Advancement
Growing Market
Competition is Weak Disinterest for New Product
New Technology
Government Regulations
Ever Changing Market Second largest consumer of popcorn
Second most technologically advanced nation
Canada and China have an established trade agreement

Low risk, low financial commitment China Popcorn manufacturing facilities exist

Mexico and Argentina both struggling economies Argentina and Mexico "Popcorn, Anytime, Anywhere!" Selling points:
brand reputation
healthy options
unique flavours
innovative concept
convenience China provides a large snack consumer base but not many direct competitors for the popcorn sector

Expand Instapop to the foreign market on the 1st of September 2014.

Special promotional offer for the Chinese market around the time of the Chinese New Year. Direct Export Contribution Margin: 75%
Break-Even Dollars: $66666.67
Market Share: 38%
Projected Sales Within Profit:
25% in unit value
67% in dollar value Unit dollar to cover fixed costs is $750

~67% of units of Instapop must be sold during the first year

Instapop can expect a profit of $49,750 Price Chain/
Step Down Analysis QUESTIONS? 1. Size Popcorn Segment in Market...............14%
2. Size of Snack Market...................................87%
Total Popcorn Sales in Canada.......................1446862.2
Total Size of Snack Market: 1446862.2(0.87)
= 1258770.11
Total Size of Popcorn Segment in Market: 1258770.11(0.14)
=176227.816 Implementation Timeline Group Eta (10)
Tarek, Sherry, Lara, Nassim, Hellen Final consumer price: $5 packages of 3 shakeable bags (100g)

Profit margin: 49% or $2.45 per package sold .

Price for Intermediaries: $4.25
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