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Losing A Tooth

No description

Bonnie Madieros

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Losing A Tooth

One day
One day I was at school and I had a wiggle tooth. People in my class kept telling me to pull it out but I didn't. That would hurt.
During School
At lunch, when I was getting my lunch box, I felt something weird in my mouth. I spit spit on my hand and there was my tooth! I ran back to the 3rd grade area where the 3rd graders were eating. I told the duty and she sent me to the nurse but the nurse was busy so I had to wait a sec. and THEN I had to rinse my mouth out with warm water with salt in it and then she gave me a blue tooth neckles and I went back to lunch.
In the morning, the tooth, my note, and a dollar were waiting for me under my pillow.
The Tooth Fairy/My closing
The tooth fairy is very nice and I can't wait tell next time I lose a tooth.
Losing A Tooth
By:Hannah Budd
My morning
In The Evening
After dinner, I got the tooth pillow and put my tooth in it. I wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking her to let me keep my tooth.
The Next Morning
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