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Art project

Group: Amber, Solomon, Kaitlin, D

Amber Woodring

on 31 October 2011

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Transcript of Art project

The Arnolfini Marriage: by Jan Van Eyck
Starbucks Icon: by Terry Heckler
Arnolfini Marriage Formalism Iconography Marxism Feminism Semiotics Biography/Autobiography Psychoanalysis Your Group Conclusion about the work color: green and white
line: the weaves of her hair, and straight lines
shape- circular with some stary shapes
texture- weaves in hair makes it texture
Formalism The symbol for the starbucks icon is a siren, which in the 16th century was believed to temp men out in the sea to come near them because of there beauty.
everytime you see the icon, it is to remind you to be on your guard against sexual temptation, in this case the temptation of coffee.
Many people feel that because the siren in the logo is a nude, that the picture is offensive.

Iconography During the sixteenth century coffee and tea was sent to different countries through way of the sea. So by putting a siren in the icon, it shows that the founders of starbucks coffee like to keep the history of coffee in their product. Marxism
In the Icon, there is a siren form greek mythology, and they would lured sailors with there enchanting music and voices.
It shows that women are attractive, and are very good at persauding men There is a lot of color in this portrait. The only dark color is what the man is wearing. All of the symbolic objects are spaced out all over the picture. Everywhere you look, there is something to be analyzed. The solitary burning candle in the chandelier above the couple is seen as the “all seeing wisdom of God.” The mirror behind the couple is also seen as a symbol of the eye of God. The sculpture on the rear bed post is interpreted as the image of Saint Margaret, the patron saint of childbirth, suggesting fertility in the marriage, as well as the fruit being linked with fertility as well. Many wealthy women in the court had lap dogs as companions. So, the dog could reflect the wealth of the couple because it is present during the wedding right in front of the man and woman. Also, being married in the bedroom signifies wealth as well because most people got married in the sitting rooms but bedrooms are more sacred.
Women during this time were the caretakers of the household. The woman is standing by the bed and well into the room, while the man is standing by the window saying that men belong in the outside world. He is also staring at the viewer while the woman is looking right at her husband obediently. Feminism Semiotics Lust Craving Powerful Women Arranged Wedding Having children before marriage Guilt Biography/Autobiography Jan Van Eyck's exact birth date is unknown, however it has been estimated that he is believed to have been born in 1395. Van Eyck was among the earliest Early Netherlandish painters to use oil painting for very detailed panel paintings. Eyck is very known for painting personal pictures for people. An example of this is the Arnolfini Wedding. Your Group Conclusion about the work Psychoanalysis By: Amber, Solomon, Kaitlin, Donald Terry Heckler is responsible for creating the Starbucks logo. For the oast 42 years Terry has been creating logos for various companies and organizations. The Logo for Starbucks was created in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks Icon For the Arnolfini Wedding, our group concluded that the picture was about a women that got pregnant before married and was being forced to marry the man in the picture to look more proper. For the Starbucks Icon, our group came to the conclusion that it was used to lure people in to drink coffee, because back in the 16th century sirens were used as a symbol of lust and desire. By Terry Heckler placing a siren in his work, and refering it to coffee, he is showing his audience that coffee is something that he desires, and that when he sees it or smells it, it is just as powerful as a women. Therefore to Terry Heckler coffee is addicting. Our group believes that Van Eyck painted the potrait of the couple getting married, because he himself understands the importance of love. Van Eyck was married to a women named Margaret, so he knows how the man would be feeling in the picture. Van Eyck probably wanted to capture true love in a picture, and show his love for marriage. Weddings Jan Van Eyck Loves
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