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Farnsworth Vocab

By C.J. Baloy (3rd)

C.J. Baloy

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth Vocab

Mr. Farnsworth AP English 11 Week 4, 5, and 6 Week 4 Week one Week Two Vocab. Week 1, 2, and 3 "She was aloof during math class. Lassitude- 1) Aloof- Distant, non social, unaware. 2) Austere- Straightforward, grim, harsh. 3) Lament- To mourn or feel depressed Cacophony Irritating, annoying, noisy sound. The army general was austere while talking to his men. She was lament when her uncle passed away The cacophony of pots and pans woke up the child. Bulwark- A wall used for defensive purposes. The Great Wall of China is a huge bulwark. Cerebral- A brainy and or intelligent being. Einstein was considered a genius; He was a very cerebral person. Incongruous- Unfitting or out of place. The blue spot on the freshly painted wall was incongruous to the yellow paint. Chattel- A personal object that is mobile. The RV was a chattel for the Blakes. Connoisseur Art or taste savvy. Mr. Koza is an Art Connoisseur Expunge- to get rid of; to abolish Slavery was expunged in the 1800's. Efface- Evade- Procrastinate- Incite- Asunder- to remove from being together; split apart. The chainsaw split the wood asunder. To provoke actions. The dog treat incites the dog to behave. To stray away from or abstain. The solider evaded the bomb during the attack. To erase away. The graffiti had be effaced from the buildings. To push away to a later moment. The student procrastinates on all of his homework. He never gets them done on time. Roster- A list of appellations Mr. Foreman read aloud the roster at the graduation ceremony. Impede- To block; slow down; to get in the way of. The collision on the interstate impeded the traffic from flowing. Trenchant- Sharp tongue, sardonic. The teenage girl was trenchant to her parents after being grounded. Forbear- To stay away from. We were told to forbear ourselves from our essays. Migratory- Mobile; unstationary. Geese are migratory animals. They travel to warmer weather during the winter. Week 3 Quixotic Beleaguer Reminisce- Dulcet- Possible but nearly impossible to accomplish. It is a quixotic idea to win the lottery. Arduous- A difficult task. Catching a Golden Snitch is an arduous task. To close in on; blockade; disturb. The little boy was beleaguered by a much larger bully. Pleasing, harmonious sounds. The singer's voice was dulcet during the ballad. Contemplate about past memories. I reminisced about my childhood on graduation day. Histrionic- Porcine- Opportune- Bludgeon- Milieu- An expressive person. The teenage girl was acting histrionic about her friend's new friend. Relating physical or psychological resemblance to a pig. After eating pork, the man acted in a porcine fashion. Happen upon a fun time. After dinner, it was an opportune time to ask his crush to prom. Location or atmosphere. The milieu of New York City must be very fast paced and loud. An object that is long. One end is large and heavy while the other is lighter. The man's bludgeon voice frightened the group. Bludger from Harry Potter Girth- The distance around something circular. The man measured the girth of the large pumpkin. Tired; limp. The lassitude of the dragon made
him not want to eat people. Coterie A meaningful group of friends. The new student has found a coterie to invite to his party. Ambiance- Mood of surrounding; environment. The ambiance of the restaurant was calm. The lights were dim and the curtains were closed. Askew- Lopsided. The picture in the museum was askew. Cubism- A style of art using geometric
shapes to create a piece. Pablo Picasso's style of art was focused around Cubism. Enrage- Aggravate; provoke anger. The manager was enraged when the employee was twenty minutes late for the third time. Propulsive- Vigorous force. The boat crashed onto land with propulsive force. Cranny- A small crack or opening. "Try and get the rice from the crannies in the floor," said mom. Ballistics- The study of the characteristics of projectiles. The CSI's used ballistics to see how far the bullet traveled.
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