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Populist Movement Allegory

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Charlotte Mathew

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Populist Movement Allegory

APUSH: Period 1
Charlotte Mathew

The Populist Movement
The Lion King I and II

William McKinley
In the movie, the farmers are represented as the other animals of Pride Rock. The animals that are starving becuase of Scar's control. The farmers during the Populist Movement felt that the Railroads were charging them too much and that the rebates were being given to large businesses that already had a significant amount of money. They felt like they were being poorly represented and treated unjustly. This is similar to the animals of Pride Rock, who felt like Scar was not preotecting them and not providing a way to get food.
William Jennings Bryan
In the movie, William Jennings Bryan is depicted as Simba. Simba is the salvation for the animals of Pride Rock just like Jennings was the hope for the farmers and the populist group. Simba represented the animals in front of Scar, and Jennings represented the farmers in front of William McKinley.
The Populist Movement was a time period where Western farmers stood up against all the injustices they were facing. These farmers formed the Populist Party. This party saw how the deflation affected the farmers and their financial life and they worked against it. In the movie The Lion King, Scar causes all the problems and causes suffering among the animals and Simba has to come and save the animals by representing a relief for their struggles.
Railroad Trusts
The railroads charged the farmers too much money and gave rebates to the large companies that already had plenty of money. This whole situation is the main reason why the populist party formed, that is why the hyenas, who started the chain of problems that occured in the movie. If the hyenas never started the stampede with the zebras, then Mufasa would not have died, and Simba would not have ran away. The hyenas started this mess just like the railroads did.
During the Populist Movement, which started around 1891, a presidential election was held in the year 1896. In this election William Jennings Bryan, who represented the Populist Party, competed with William McKinley, who represented the Republican Party. In relation to the movie The Lion King, McKinley represents Scar. Although McKinley, was not as evil and self-seeking as Scar, he does represent the opposite views of the populists. After the death of Mufasa, Scar assumed the position as king and acted in the way that is only beneficial to him and his animal friends. McKinley acted that he thought would be the most advantageous, which did not please the Populist group.
Direct Election of Senators
The direct election of senators represent the efforts of the Populists which was displayed in their Omaha Platform. This was a sign of this party standing up for their own rights and for a voice in the election of the federal senators who will be representing them. In the movie this role could be depicted as Nala when she goes out looking for help. She represents the effort of making things better for the animals of Pride Rock when Scar's kingship gots out of control. She represents the voice that the Populist party strived for.
Gold/Silver Issue
In short this issue was intended the make money worth less so that it would be easier for farmers to pay back their loans. This could relate to The Lion King in a different way through the lif of Simba. Simba runs awayy after Mufasa's death and finds Pumba and Timone. The two play the role of Simba's relief after having a rough experience.
The porhibitionists supported the Populists because this group gave a significant value to religion in regard to social issues. Prohibitionist believed that alcohol should be banned and were religiously driven. The prohibitionists could be seen as Mufasa. Mufasa was driven by morals and selflessness, which is a part of all religions. Mufasa stood up against Scar's (Non-Populist) beliefs.
Marcus Hanna
Marcus Hanna was a Republican banker that would have lost a significant amount of money, along with many other bankers, if the populists won. This meant that if the "silver-backed economy" were to exist many banks would have to shut down. The Lion King depicts this as Scar's son, Kovu, who had the most to lose in the situation he was in. He was recieving scrutiny from Simba and his own mother Zira.
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