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the big bang theory

No description

elandra small

on 28 September 2010

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Transcript of the big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory By Elandra A. Small Georges Lemaitre. He proposed the plan of the Big Bang Theory. 1927 Albert Einstein. The frame work of the model was made by him. Alexander Freidmann. He formulated the governing equations. Edwin Hubble. He discovered the distances to far away galaxies were generraly proportional to their redshifts. 1929 Fred Hoyle. Is credited for coining the term Big Bang!!! 1949 Contact Point Before The Big Bang Theory People where cluless about the universe !

They believed that god created everything. After The Big Bang Theory People wanted to learn and discover more !!!!! Bibliography Wikipedia theos.com
ichthus.com goldonian.org
dailymail.uk parentsplace.ca
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