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Carbon Cycle

No description

A'Nae Kiara Smith

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Carbon Cycle

Description of each transition or step of the cycle that were given in the lesson.
Pictures or graphics that relate to the steps of the carbon cycle described.
Persuasive explanation of why the carbon cycle is so important to our planet.
Carbon Cycle
A'Nae Smith

The carbon cycle is important to our planet because it keeps us alive. The carbon cycle gives us oxygen and it helps us breathe. Also it is a great way that atoms are recycled and shows that matter cannot be destroyed but can be transferred.
The first step is that plants and trees takes carbon out of the air and uses it to create food and grab the carbon through photosynthesis. When the plants die they decompose and all the dead leaves and plants on the ground leaves all the carbon for the soil and rocks and they turn into oil and fossil fuels. Next the fossil fuels are burned for electricity which by burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the air.
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