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Behavior After Split-brain surgery

No description

Alexsys McClellan

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Behavior After Split-brain surgery

Behavior after Split-Brain surgery By: Alexsys McClellan Left Hemisphere: The left hemisphere is largely responsible for language and talking.
What Is Split Brain? Right Hemisphere: Is a condition resulting from surgery that isolates the brains two hemispheres by cutting the fibers connecting them.
The right hemisphere is responsible for focusing attention and perception. There are signifigent changes that happen to the left hemisphere after surgery like:
being logical
being analytic
being quantitive
being rational
verbalization There are signifigent differences also in the right hemisphere like:

Being Conceptional
Being Holistic
Being Intuituve
Being Imaginative
Not being verbal There has been alot of cases of unusual behavior with patients of Split-Brain studied by scientists. Two scientists, Roger Sperry and Michael Gazzangia were the first to study split-brain in people. One of their patients "Paul S." his right hemisphere was already more developed in language ability before his operation. This is uncommon but occasionally happens. The two scientists decided to interview both sides of his brain, they asked his right side what he wanted to be and he said automobile racer. When they asked his left side he said draftsman. This shows how independent both sides of the brain are after surgery.
http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/neuro/neuro00/web1/Vasiliadis.html http://www.allpsychologycareers.com/topics/lateralization-right-brain-left-brain.html Lateralization:
A split-Brain patient who has had his/her brain disconnected has literally lost all consciousness about what is occuring on the other other side of the brain. http://www.allpsychologycareers.com/topics/lateralization-right-brain-left-brain.html http://www.allpsychologycareers.com/topics/lateralization-right-brain-left-brain.html
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