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Figure Drawing Project

Using Gesture Drawing to work with the figure

Jonathan Vaughn

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Figure Drawing Project

Figure Drawing
The Gesture Drawing in Action
Mr. Vaughn's Drawing Class
1. Introduction to Figure Drawing
2. Class demo: 3 steps for Gesture Drawing
3. Practice Gesture Drawing
4. Turn in best drawing
1. Vine charcoal
2. Newsprint paper
3. Drawing Board

*Students will learn the three steps to Gesture Drawing during a guided class demonstration. Artists will produce figure drawings from observation that use this Gesture Drawing technique
Lascaux Caves 17000 BCE
Augustus of Primaporta
20 BCE (Roman)
Leonardo da Vinci
Da Vinci's Notebooks
Lesson Objectives: Students will...
1. Learn how to draw the human figure from observation using a three-step gesture drawing technique, vine charcoal, and newsprint paper.
2. Produce well-composed and artistically designed figure drawings that show sophisticated use of line, value, contrast, form, composition, and emphasis.
3. Actively participate in a class critique at the end of the class period, using appropriate questioning and evaluation techniques.
4. Be introduced to the tradition of figural artwork and the importance of the figure in Art History, specifically through the work of Leonardo da Vinci and the Wyeth Family.
Standards 1 & 2
Standard 1
Standard 3
Standard 4
Gesture Drawing Technique:
Step 1: The Shoot-Through
Step 2: The Go-Around
Step 3: The Contour Edge
Use bold and decisive straight lines to capture the angle of the limbs and torso of the figure
Search for ovals and ellipses that surround the joints and indicate volume
Draw the contours and edges of the forms to connect the shapes - details now enter the drawing
"Me - We - You"
Class Critique
Towards the end of the 80 minute class, the students will hang up their last figure drawing for class discussion to wrap up our lesson
* Students will have a guided discussion where they can talk about their work or the work of their peers
Students will turn in the final figure drawing so that the teacher can write specific comments to be returned to the students before their next figure drawing session
* This feedback will be the Anticipatory Set for the following class period
Previous Knowledge:
1. Right Brain Drawing
2. Observation Drawing
3. Class Critique Format
4. Art Elements/Principles
-Line, value, contrast
What's Next?
Drawing Class - 4/11
-Pick up your sketchbooks and sit together in the front of the room
1. Review and new demonstration of gesture drawing... But first this:

Closing Activity:
-Choose the figure drawing that looks the most realistic and spend a few minutes fixing the drawing
-Write your name on the drawing and hand it in before you leave class
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