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Fruits Basket Characters

Please comment! I would love to hear your opinions and please let me know if I made a mistake on there!

Emma Ipsen

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Fruits Basket Characters

Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket is a great anime to watch if you are just starting on anime. In this Prezi, I will cover all of the characters from Fruits Basket, so you will be able to understand them better. Fruits Basket is about young and homeless orphan, Tohru Honda, coming into to the unusual Sohma family's lives. Tohru stumbles across Sohma family member Shigure's house after seeing the Chinese Zodiac animals painted on rocks. The reason there was the zodiac animals may be hinting that the anime has a lot to do with the zodiac, and it does. See, the Sohmas are cursed by the zodiac, meaning that if they are hugged by a member of the opposite gender, they turn into their zodiac animals.
Tohru Honda
Tohru Honda is a sweet and caring 16 year old girl. She may not
be very bright at all, but she understands people when they are
in emotional situations. Before meeting the Sohma family, Tohru
lived in a tent on Sohma bounderies. After a dirt avalanche
destroys Tohru's only means of shelter, Sohma family member
Shigure decides to take her in his house, where she housekeeps
in exchange for his hospitality. Her innocence and love that are
a part of her personality causes most people to say she is
amazing and wonderful.
Saki Hanajima
Saki Hanajima is creepy, odd, and scary to some students.
But to Tohru and Arisa, she is motherly, sweet, and really
looks out for them. Saki has "powers" in which she can
feel people's electrical signals. Because of that, she was
bullied at her previous school. One boy tried to make her
eat a newt, and she got so angry she yelled, "I wish you
would die! DIE!" and the boy literally colapsed. He was ok,
but it was too late to stop the rumors. It got so bad
that she had to transfer to Tohru's school.
Yuki Sohma
Yuki Sohma is one of the zodiac members, the rat. Yuki is caring
and kind to everybody. He is the 'popular' kid at school and even
has a fan club, made by many Yuki-obsessed girls. Yuki may be very
popular at school, but he believes that they don't see the "real him".
Yuki is very comfortable around Tohru and he shares his secret ve-
ggie garden with her. Yuki is mortal enimies with Kyo Sohma, who
tries to defeat him constantly by picking a fight. But, Yuki always
wins those fights and doesn't even have to try. Yuki longs to be
accepted for who he is, and not for his looks.
Kyo Sohma
Kyonkichi (Kyo) Sohma is impulsive, rude, snappy and has a foul mouth.
But on the inside, he is fairly fragile and caring, towards Tohru anyways.
Kyo is cursed by the cat, who should be in the zodiac if the rat hadn't
tricked the cat into thinking the zodiac party was the next day. Since
Kyo is the cat, he is forced to undergo a grotesque transformation into
the cat's "true spirit". When he does transform right in front of Tohru,
he runs off, afraid of what she would think. When Tohru finds him, she admits that she is scared but that she still wants to stay together with him. He weeps, and they become very, very close after that. He usually
has anger and disgust written all over his face, and usually doesn't
have the nicest language.
Hatsuharu Sohma
Hatsuharu Sohma is cursed by the cow, influencing his white and
black hair. You may say his personality is white and black, meaning
that at one moment he is polite, laid back, calm and maybe even nice.
But when angered, he automatically snaps into what is called, "Black
Haru". When he's Black Haru, he is cruel, rude, snippy, and mean. Haru
claims that his black personality formed when he was little, as all of
the adults teased him that the cow was a fool for letting the rat
use him in the folk tale. One day, he runs into Yuki and yells, "I hate
your guts! Its the rat's fault that they laugh at the cow! It's your
fault I'm called a fool! It's all your fault!" Yuki then slowly turns his
head and asks, "Is it true? Are you really a fool?" and Haru realized
that he wasn't and became very close to Yuki.
Kagura Sohma
Kagura Sohma is very much like Haru with her personality. Cursed
by the boar, Kagura is very Kyo-obbesed and loves him more than
anything in the whole wide world. When she first sees Kyo, she
acts like an innocent young girl passionatly in love. But once Kyo
tells her that he doesn't want her here, she beats him up. And
afterwards, she acts like someone else did all of that to him and
yells, "Kyo! Who did this to you!" Kagura claims that the reason
she loved him so much is the fact that he reached out his hand
for her, and she latched right on to him. Ever since, she had her
heart set on marrying him and Tohru admires that sort of devot-
Isuzu RIN Sohma
Rin is a complicated and ornery 19 year old girl who is cursed by the horse. Even so, she is loyal, compassionate, and would do anything for the people she loves. Rin didn't like Tohru and her optimism at first, but eventually she began to embrace that. Rin was abused quite a lot by Akito, the head of the Sohma family. She once was shoved of out of the window and had a "haircut" done by Akito. Aktio and Rin are probably the most strained out of any Sohma. She was hospitalized because of many encounters with Akito. Rin is Kagura's
adopted sister, but all Rin does is push away her help, snipping at her and her family. Kagura and her family have a LOT of patience for her and care for her very much. Rin never appears in the anime.
Kisa Sohma
Kisa Sohma is the 12 year old sweetheart cursed by the tiger. Kisa
is sweet, adorable, and very quiet. She nicknames Tohru Onee-Chan
and follows her around like a baby duck. This is because Tohru knew
exactly how she felt when she was being picked on, and Tohru was
the only one who did. Kisa was picked on because of her hair and
eyes influenced by the tiger. When she told them that she couldn't
help how she looked, the started to ignore her. And any time she
tried to speak, they stopped ignoring her only long enough to laugh.
Soon after that, she ran away and lost her ability to speak. But
with the help of her family, she began to speak once again.
Hiro Sohma
Hiro Sohma is a fiesty 13 year old boy cursed by the sheep.
Hiro usually has a look of disdain or mischeif on his face and
is very bossy. He orders Tohru around and is jealous of her
and Kisa's sisterly realtionship. Hiro loves Kisa with all of his
heart, and told Akito. Akito injured Kisa out of spite and Hiro
was afraid to console Kisa during her hard time at school. He
kept telling himself that he loved her with all of his heart. He
may be bossy and rude, but his heart is in the right palce and
he is very couragous.
Momiji Sohma
15 year old Momiji Sohma is cursed by the rabbit. He is always cheery,
laughing, and having fun, even in the worst situations. Momiji's dad
owns the building that Tohru works at. Momiji's mother...well...she doe-
sn't know who her own son even is. When Momiji was born 2 months
pre mature, she was already anxious and scared. And whe she tried
to hold him, he transformed. Soon, she bagan to snap, yelling and
hitting. And then it got so bad that she couldn't even look at him.
So, she chose to have Hatori Sohma erase her memories of Momiji,
ultimatly forgetting her only son. For Momiji, his mother is a very
painful topic and acts very unlike himself when talking about her.
Shigure Sohma
Shigure Sohma is about 27 years old and is cursed by the dog.
Shigure is known to be silly, weird, and doesn't take many things
very seriously. He is a novelist and he loves to torture his
publisher. In his youth, he was in a group called the Mudabachi Trio
with Ayame and Hatori Sohma. They were practically inseperable
and remain best friends as adults. They really look out for each
other and they are probably the most determined to be good friends
with each other. Shigure may have a goofy side to him, but he is
also very smart and gives out life-saving advice.
Hatori Sohma
Hatori Sohma, age 27, is cursed by the seahorse, which is really what should be the dragon from the Chinese Zodiac. Hatori is serious, smart, kind-hearted, and is employed as a doctor. Hatori plays the role as the friend who looks out for goofballs Ayame and Shigure. Whenever they are in a situation, he always finds a way to help them out. Hatori may be sort of scary and grim, but he is gentle, caring and kind to everybody, even Akito. Akito has caused a lot of problems in his life and even ruined a perfect romance. But still, Hatori has a lot of patience for him. He even heals him when he gets sick, which he
tends to do quite frequently.
Ayame Sohma
27 year old Ayame Sohma is cursed by the snake. Ayame is loud,
flamboyant, and surprisingly Yuki's brother. Yuki and Ayame are
exact opposites. Ayame owns his own dress shop, where he makes
his own creations. He is loud and overly confident, too. Yuki says
that he will never ever understand him. Ayame thinks that Yuki is
still mad at him from a childhood encounter, where Yuki asks for
help and Ayame brushed him off. And now, Ayame says, a gap has
formed between them and he is desperately trying to close it.
Kureno Sohma
Kureno Sohma, age 23, is described to be a lot like Tohru. Meaning that he
zones out, he's naive, and he lets everybody walk all over him. He is also a
gentlemen who cares a lot about others. He is in love with Arisa Uotani and
met her at the convenience store. Kureno is the only one who's really close
with Akito, and doesn't have much of a strained relationship with him as much
as the other Sohmas. Kureno can be a little stupid sometimes, but, like Tohru,
he has a bit of a scared past but is still able to smile. Kureno never appears
in the anime, like Rin.
Ritsu Sohma
Ritsu Sohma is a 24 year old cross dresser who is cursed by the
monkey. Ritsu is shy, timid, and very apologetic. He is told a lot that
he is just like his mother, the hostess of one of the Sohma owned hot
springs. Ritsu claims that he cross-dresses because he feels less of
the need to be assertive. He is naturally timid and he thinks that girls
don't need to speak out as much. He believes that he is useless and
that he doesn't deserve to live. Tohru is probably the only one who was
able to get through to him and his stubborn apologies. He is told by
Tohru that he has a "sweet smile", and that the world is better off
with him in it.
Akito Sohma
Akito Sohma is about 28 years old. He may not be cursed by the
zodiac, but he may be the most cursed of all of them. It was deci-
ded when he was born that he was to die early, because he bears the
core of the curse. Akito has mixed emotions that include anger, con-
fusion, and sadness. The proof of this is the fact that when Tohru
asks what he is feeling, he replies "I don't know." Akito has a lot of
anger and he lets it all out when something annoys him. For whatever
reason he always holds a pure white bird of two on his fingers.
Kyoko Honda
Kyoko Honda is Tohru Honda's mother. Kyoko used to be a part of a gang
in her youth, and her nickname was Red Butterfly. The reason for this was
because the gang was a motorcycle gang, and her tail lights looks like a red
butterfly flying into the night. Kyoko was loving, kind, and gave wonderful
advice to her daughter. She dies in a car accident on her way to work, and
Tohru blames herself. She says, "If I was able to just wake up on time,
would she be here now?" Kyoko was also known as a second mother to
Arisa Uotani.
Kana Sohma
Kana Sohma is Hatori's former assistant, and lover. Kana met
Hatori by becoming his assistant in his doctor's office. They
soon fell in love and they wanted to get married. But when
Hatori asked Akito, Akito angrily smashed a vase in Hatori's eye,
yelling that he wouldn't allow it. Kana soon blamed herself for
his injury and gradually, her grief began to eat her away. Hatori
then had no choice but to erase her memories. Soon after that,
Kana left and later she married another man. Ayame is angry
that she chose to forget, but Hatori says that he was lucky to
have a love like her's in his life.
Momo Sohma
7 year old Momo Sohma is Momiji's shy and quiet little sister, although
she doesn't know that. Momo and Momiji both play the violin, though
Momiji was required to stop when Momo began. Momo naturally speaks
German, and since she's just learning Japanese, she mumbles her words.
In the manga, she asks Momiji to act as her bigger brother. Momiji cries
with happiness and agrees. Momo is usually seen clinging to her mother
or at least following him around. She is told to stay away from Momiji
and she disobeys that when she talked to him about her wanting to have
him as an older brother.
Motoko Minagawa
18 year old Motoko is the eccentric president of the Prince
Yuki Fan Club. Motoko has a bit of an obbsession with Yuki,
and she is very determined to make sure no girl has any sort
of communication with him, which is why she hates Tohru so
much. She is reluctant to give up her position as president
because she's leaving for college. She looks at Yuki as a god-
like character and he is the very center of her universe. Because
of her Yuki obsession, she has a determined and strong personality.
Mitchan is Shigure's editor. She is very vulnerable to Shigure's
tricks, and she always thinks that he is about to turn in his
books late, even if he is already finished. Mitchan stalks Shigu-
re to make sure that he is working, but Shigure always escapes.
At first, she goes after him, but after a while she gives up
completely. She cries a lot when trying to find Shigure or if
she gives up completely.
Kazuma Sohma
Kazuma Sohma is Kyo's master and adoptive father. Kazuma was
the only one who took Kyo in after his mother's death. Kazuma
is caring, kind, and patient, just like a master should be. He beli-
eves that taking in Kyo would help him to avenge his cat-cursed
grandfather. He soon realized that he loves Kyo like a son and has
called himself Kyo's father ever since. He is also the master of
Kagura, Yuki, Hatsuharu, and Rin Sohma. Kazuma usually has a
feeling of peace emitting from his energy.
Fruits Basket Memories
Arisa Uotani
Arisa Uotani, (Uo), is one of Tohru's childhood friends. She has the
reputation of a "Yankee" around the school and is tough and tall.
Despite her gruff demeanor, she tends to be kind-hearted and she
cares deeply for Tohru. Uo can beat just about anybody at any
card game, and resorts to profanaties quite often. She is some
times seen wearing a mask over her mouth and a long skirt, just
a habit of her gang past. Once, in 5th grade, her gang kicked her
out and Kyoko Honda, Tohru's mother, saved her from a beating
that her gang was about to distribute. Even before Kyoko saved
her, she was already looking up to her and got even closer to her.
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