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What is Portrait Photography?

Learn all about what portrait photography is!!! Thank you to Bryanna Canfield!

Cailin Tennisc

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of What is Portrait Photography?

Lifestyle Portrait
What is a Traditional Portrait?
The End
Conceptual Portrait
Abstract Portrait
Surreal Portrait
Candid Portrait
Glamour Portrait
Environmental Portraits
It is a type of portrait where the face of the person and/or animal is the main focus of the image.

Portraits can be head shots, full body pictures, or views with only 2/3 of the body seen.

Traditional Portrait
The purpose of a portrait is to create a visual representation of a person or animal. In a portrait it is ideal to portray the subjects' personality or character. This can be done in many different styles, ranging from traditional to abstract.
Why do we take portraits?
Most common type of portraiture.

These portraits are taken with the subject in his/her/its natural environment. For example, a teacher in their classroom, or a doctor in a hospital. The surroundings within the setting are used to compliment and emphasize the subjects' character.
Environmental Portraits
What is Portrait Photography?
Why do we take Portraits?
Candid Portrait
Candid Portrait are when the picture is taken of the subject without their knowing. There is no set up or preparation for this type of picture.
Glamour Portrait
Glamour portraits focus on emphasizing the subject' sensual or romantic appeal.
Lifestyle Portraits
This type of portrait focuses on the "style of life" of the subject. It is technically the combination of a candid and environmental portrait. The purpose is to communicate how the subject lives.
Surreal Portrait
This type of portrait is used to emphasize the "other realm of life" or the person's subconscious mind. It is considered more of an art form. To achieve this look, special effects and tricks can be used.
Conceptual Portrait
This portrait offers the idea of a fourth dimension. This dimension or hidden meaning is open for interpretation from the viewer.
Abstract Portrait
These portraits are taken more to create art than a visual representation of the subject. Collages and digital manipulation is used often.
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