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For Annie By: Edgar Allen Poe

No description

Destanee Epplett

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of For Annie By: Edgar Allen Poe

- Edgar Allen Poe died
- Published in 1849
-Poe died in 1849, it was one of his last writings
- Written for Nacy Richmond (Annie) she was married but Poe loved her
-He sent it to Nathaniel Parker willis, for publication in the home journal on the same day as Flag of our union
- Nacy changed her name in 1873 to Annie after her husbands death
Edgar Allen Poe
: An American author, poet, editor, and literary critic, considered part of the American Romantic Movement. Born January 1809 and passed October 7 1849.

Nancy Richmond (Annie)
: Maidden name was Nancy Locke Heywood. Born April 12th 1820 and passed February 9th 1898. Married a wealthy paper manufacturer Charles Richmond.
: Poe is talking about his death, his pain will be over and he will no longer have the "pain" of life.
: He feels weak, getting weaker and weaker but he feels better within himself knowing he will be gone soon, with no pain.
: Poe is laying calmly in his bed. No expression, anyone around him would be at peace with his peaceful passing.
: He is still feeling very calm, but is heart is still beating and Poe is not happy with that.
: Poe is becoming very aggravated with still being alive.
: He is referring to being alive but wanting to be dead. He is saying his thirst for being dead wont be achieved until he actually is.
: His thirst will be quenched once he is underground
: Poe has never slept in a different bed other then his own, he is saying how great it would be for him to die in that bed.
: He has done things he regrets and things he doesn't. Things he has forgotten and things he has not. Either way he has lived his life and that's it, he is done.
: Smells a bitter but beautiful smell/ within his self.
: Smell reminds him of Annie and he wants to die in her beauty.
: Poe feels Annie's presence , as if he is being kissed and she is with him.
: He feels that when he is dead, Annie will keep him safe and the angles will be above.
: As Poe lays in bed, he feels Annie's love and is at peace. If anyone was around him would feel peaceful knowing and seeing how calm he is.
: Poe's Heart is full, Brighter, because he knows Annie and their love is with him. As he dies and see's the light he sees her, "Looking in her eyes".
- Poe's house, his bed, in his spirit
-Baltimore, Maryland
For Annie By: Edgar Allen Poe
Destanee Epplett, Mika Byar, Hannah Stillson, Maddie Knowels
Main Point/ Theme
-Poe had a desire to escape, to pass on for he has lived his life enough. He just wanted to make sure Annie would be with him.
-We think this poem suited Poe's style of witting very well. He writes dark and in depth.
-We all like the poem and think it was very detailed and interesting.
Works cited is printed for Mr. Allen

Thanks for listening!
Destanee/ Mika/ Hannah/ Maddie
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